Food groups for 1-month-old kittens grow rapidly

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During the first 2 months of life, kittens grow very quickly, so breeders need to supplement their daily diet with adequate nutrients. So what should the food for a 1-month-old kitten that grows quickly and stays healthy include?

In this article, we will share information about nutrition for 1-month-old kittens; Best fresh food for month-old kittens; Best prepared food for 1 month old kittens… Hopefully the information we are about to share below will be useful to you when you are caring for and raising a 1 month old kitten.

1 month old kittens need adequate nutrients to grow healthily
1 month old kittens need adequate nutrients to grow healthily

What nutrients do 1 month old kittens need?

The daily diet of 1-month-old kittens also needs to ensure a sufficient supply of nutrients from fiber, calcium, starch, minerals, vitamins, fats, and proteins to grow quickly and continuously. healthy. In particular, cats also need to provide higher levels of protein than adult cats.

So what foods can provide all the nutrients that 1-month-old kittens’ bodies need? The answer will be in the next part of the article.

Fresh food for 1 month old kittens

When the kitten is 1 month old, you can start feeding the kitten solid food and get used to foods other than mother’s milk. It is important at this time that you choose foods that are easy to digest such as porridge, mushy rice, ground rice, minced or lightly cooked meat. The reason is that the teeth and digestive system of a 1-month-old kitten are not yet complete and quite immature.

Food for 1 month old kittens The best is animal meat or poultry such as beef, chicken, pig, duck, sheep… You can also feed kittens animal organs such as heart, kidney, brain, intestines, lungs, liver. You should chop or stew the food thoroughly, then mix it with rice or porridge and feed it to your kitten.

Besides, you can also chop green vegetables, cook them, then mix them with rice and meat and feed them to your kitten to supplement fiber, vitamins and minerals. Vegetables, carrots, pumpkin, and cauliflower are foods that should be fed to kittens every day.

When kittens are 1 month old, you should not feed fishy foods such as seafood, seafood, shrimp, fish, and crab; meat. These foods cause kittens to have bloating, indigestion, and even diarrhea. Absolutely do not feed kittens bones, especially chicken bones and fish bones, which are easy to choke and can puncture the intestines.

Food for 1 month old kittens needs to be cooked very soft
Food for 1 month old kittens needs to be cooked very soft

Prepared food for 1 month old kittens

Food for 1 month old kittens Prepared foods include two main types: dry food and wet food. These two types of food have the same nutritional content, but dry food is chosen by many people more because it is cleaner, more convenient and easier to preserve.

Prepared cat food has been carefully calculated by experts in terms of nutritional ingredients, so you won’t have to worry about your cats being overweight or lacking nutrients. Each dry food brand has products suitable for each breed of cat at different ages, stages of development and health status. The flavor of prepared food is also very attractive and stimulates the taste buds, so kittens will definitely enjoy it from the first time they eat it.

Currently on the Vietnamese market there are many brands of prepared cat food. But to ensure quality, you should buy cat food from reputable brands such as Me-O, Whiskas, Royal Canin, Home & Cat, Fitmin Cat Kitten, O’fresh – Cat care, Iskhan, Royal Canin…

Dry food for kittens is also chosen by many people
Dry food for kittens is also chosen by many people

Types of milk for 1 month old kittens

Outside Food for 1 month old kittens Fresh and processed, kittens still need to drink milk regularly every day. If the mother cat has enough milk, feed the kittens until they are 2 months old. In case the mother cat runs out of milk or does not have enough milk, you can buy powdered milk specifically for cats to feed the kittens.

Some reputable cat milk brands that mothers should choose include: Bio Milk, Precaten, Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat, PetLac, KRM…

Cats should continue to drink milk when they are 2 months old
Cats should continue to drink milk when they are 2 months old

* Hopefully with the information we shared above, you already know Food for 1 month old kittens What should it include? What should kittens eat to grow quickly and healthily? Wishing you have interesting experiences in your journey of raising and caring for kittens!

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