Food for French Bulldogs and appropriate nutrition

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Raising French Bulldogs is very easy because they are not picky eaters. But that is also the reason why many owners of French Bulls are subjective and do not carefully choose food for French Bulls, causing them to lack nutrients, have diarrhea, diarrhea and poor resistance.

French Bulldogs are very lazy to exercise, so when raised in Vietnam, they are easily overweight and obese because the breeders have the habit of French Bulldogs eating too much starchy food. , This can cause the French Bull to have poor health and shorten its lifespan by several years. So nutrition and food for French Bulldogs how? What should I feed my French Bulldog to stay healthy without worrying about obesity?

French Bulldogs are very lazy in exercise, so when raised in Vietnam they are easily overweight and obese
French Bulldogs are very lazy in exercise, so when raised in Vietnam they are easily overweight and obese

Fresh food for French Bulldogs

According to veterinary experts, fresh food for French Bull dogs must ensure adequate supply of the following groups and nutrients:

  1. Animal protein and fat: This group of nutrients is found in animal meat such as chicken, beef, pig, sheep, goat, geese, fish, and duck; animal organs such as heart, liver, kidney, lungs, intestines, brain; chicken, duck, quail eggs. Abundant protein and fat will help French Bulldogs avoid malnutrition and increase their resistance to stay active, agile and healthy.
  2. Fiber, vitamins and minerals: This group of nutrients is found in many vegetables, tubers and fruits. However, there is a reality that French Bulldogs or any breed of dog only likes to eat meat and does not like to eat vegetables. To make them eat, you should chop the vegetables and mix them with meat and rice for them to eat. Vitamins and minerals have a great effect in helping dogs avoid constipation, increase resistance, and the immune system for comprehensive development.
  3. Starch: Starch is found in potatoes, cassava, cakes, rice, porridge… However, starch is not food for French Bulldogs Mainly because they easily make French Bulls obese. Every day, only feed the French Bull a little rice to supplement energy, but the main food is still meat.
  4. Calcium: This nutrient is often forgotten by owners when feeding French Bulldogs fresh food. When lacking calcium, the French Bull is very susceptible to weakness, muscle spasms, cramps, and even convulsions, which can cause extremely dangerous complications. Therefore, you need to supplement calcium for French Bulldogs by feeding them cheese or calcium supplements specifically for dogs.
Animal meat is the favorite food of French Bulldogs
Animal meat is the favorite food of French Bulldogs

Prepared food for French Bulldogs

It can be seen that cooking fresh food for French Bulldogs takes a lot of time and effort. Not to mention having to measure and measure portions and nutritional content in each meal is not an easy task. That’s why many breeders who are too busy and don’t have time have turned to choosing dry food for French Bulldogs.

Prepared dry dog ​​foods from big brands such as Royal Canin, Morando, Fitmin, Smartheart… are considered the most optimal choice because of both good quality and absolute safety. Nutritional content in food for French Bulldogs The prepared form has been meticulously calculated by experts to suit each stage of development. Not only does it contain protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, the prepared food also adds beneficial bacteria that help increase resistance and stimulate the digestive system of French Bulldogs to function better. More specifically, processed food also adds a large amount of calcium to help French Bulldogs maximize the development of their bones, teeth and jaw.

Prepared foods include two main types: dry food and wet food. These two types of food have the same nutritional content, but dry food is used more because it is convenient and very easy to preserve after opening. Meanwhile, wet food usually spoils after about 3-5 days and is stored in the refrigerator.

Prepared dry food
Prepared dry food

So should French Bulldogs be fed fresh or prepared food?

The answer is to combine both types of food when raising French Bulldogs because each type of food has its own advantages. Feeding both types of food helps French Bulldogs eat many different flavors of food so they don’t get bored and picky eaters.

You can prepare fresh food for French Bulldogs when you have free time. If you are too busy, you can use dry food for French Bull dogs, which will be very convenient.

What is the daily diet for French Bulldogs?

– For French Bulldogs from weaning until 3 months old: Should be fed 4-5 meals/day, food volume is about 300-400g/day divided equally between meals. Fresh food is mainly thin porridge. With dry food, you should soak it soft with warm milk or water before feeding.

– For French Bulldogs from 3 – 5 months old: Should be fed 3-4 meals/day, food volume is about 400-500g/day divided equally between meals. Fresh food and dry food still need to be soft processed.

– For French Bulldogs over 5 months old: Should be fed about 2-3 meals/day, food volume must increase to 700-800g/day. Fresh food and dry food may be harder for your French Bulldog to learn to chew.

* Hopefully with information about food for French Bulldogs We shared above, you have enough confidence to raise a French Bulldog yourself to keep you company every day. Good luck!

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