Experience in choosing professional modern hall furniture

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The hall is where important events take place such as anniversary meetings, talks – seminars or large-scale meetings, so professionally arranging the hall’s interior system to create comfort for participants is important. particularly important factor.

1. Determine the area and arrange the hall’s interior space appropriately

Depending on the size of the ownership unit, the hall can accommodate 150 – 200 people, or even large halls can accommodate up to thousands of people. At that time, determining the area for the hall and the space layout to ensure that all participants can see clearly on the podium is very important.

If the space is comfortable, the hall is often arranged on one floor and has a gradually increasing slope from the podium position to the end of the hall to ensure visibility for those sitting behind. For places with limited land fund, designing a hall with 2-3 mezzanine floors is also a measure to help expand capacity, while still ensuring visibility for all members participating in the discussion.

In addition to capacity, architectural design to ensure good ventilation, science and comfort for participants is also a factor that requires careful survey and field research and drafting of methods. optimal project before starting construction.

Experience in choosing professional modern hall furniture
Determine the scale to design the most optimal hall interior space (Photo: Thinh Phat Furniture).

2. Ensure consistency when choosing hall furniture

To be professional, when choosing hall furniture, you need to pay attention to the uniform design and color of the furniture in the hall. Among them, the furniture that plays an important role and is necessary to have in the hall includes:

  • Hall podium: Placed on the stage of the hall, where the leaders or consultants in the conference hand out signs.
  • Podium for Uncle Ho’s statue: For state agencies or schools, the podium for Uncle Ho’s statue is required on the border, placed in a fixed position and usually opposite the speaking podium.
  • Hall table: With a regular hall, the hall table is only for the front row – VIP guests. However, some halls are designed specifically for meetings, requiring tables for all participants.
  • Meeting-hall chair: As a component used by all participating members, in large quantities, it needs to be arranged reasonably to ensure easy movement even when someone is sitting, and at the same time not affecting those around. around when standing up or walking.
  • Sound and lighting equipment: These are factors that greatly affect the quality of the conference. A good quality sound system will ensure the most optimal transmission of information from the speaker. In addition, it is also necessary to prepare a permanent generator system to promptly supply power in case the grid is interrupted, ensuring seamless conference quality.
  • Air conditioning system, sound absorption system: As a place where there are often a large number of participants, the hall needs to be cool, airy, and especially have a good sound absorption system to ensure Do not cause noise and fatigue for participants
Experience in choosing professional modern hall furniture
Need to choose the best quality hall furniture (Photo: Thinh Phat Furniture).

3. Only choose quality hall furniture

As the face of schools, agencies, and organizations, using good quality hall furniture products is especially important. The satisfaction of all guests participating in the conference will be a plus point to appreciate the capacity of the units that own the hall.

Materials used in the hall’s interior (including tables and chairs, speaking podium, podium for Uncle Ho’s statue) should be prioritized as high-quality natural wood to ensure the solemnity of the space, while also being durable during the process. usage process. However, for conference seats, you should choose foam chairs covered with felt leather to ensure comfort for participants.

4. Ensure aesthetic factors when choosing hall furniture

Depending on the structure of the hall, the design of the furniture in the hall needs to be optimized to show the most solemnity and reasonableness. Especially facial features such as a stage with a podium, top tables for VIP members… should be carefully selected in terms of design and motifs.

Along with that, the most important thing is that the main color of the hall also needs to show the professionalism and style of the owner. Therefore, the use of color coordination between hall furniture from the color of seats, hall tables, walls… needs to ensure the most optimal reasonableness.

Experience in choosing professional modern hall furniture
Need to choose furniture with sophisticated design (Photo: Thinh Phat Furniture).

5. Choose a professional and experienced auditorium interior supplier and contractor

To ensure the most optimal performance when building a hall, managing units should prioritize choosing a reputable hall furniture supplier, and if so, provide synchronous design and construction services. is best to ensure professional finishing and the highest aesthetics.

Thinh Phat Furniture With 30 years of experience in the field of furniture supply, we are one of the leading reputable auditorium interior design and construction units today. This is a unit trusted and chosen by many agencies and schools to provide hall furniture systems, so customers in need can refer to it.

Not only is the price of furniture reasonable, but the quality is always something that Thinh Phat makes every customer satisfied. Along with a team of highly qualified and experienced staff and technicians in the field, Thinh Phat Furniture will provide customers with the most professional and optimal advice.

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