Experience choosing suitable dry food for puppies

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Besides fresh food cooked by the breeder, dry food for puppies is also popular with many breeders. Currently in Vietnam there are many types of dry food for puppies, but owners are still very confused in choosing the right type of dry food for their puppies.

Each dog breed has different characteristics in appearance, personality, living habits and diet. That is the reason why even though there are many dry food products on the market, owners still do not know which type of food is suitable and best for their small dogs. Where should I buy dry puppy food to ensure quality and safety? Today, websosanh.vn will help you answer this question.

Experience choosing suitable dry food for puppies

Fresh food is always better. This is true, but fresh food is only best when you prepare it properly and calculate the correct amount of nutrients for each dog breed, age and weight of the small dog.

In the first years of a puppy’s life, a scientific and proper diet plays an extremely important role and directly affects their health and development. If the breeder cooks for themselves and does not provide the puppies with the necessary nutrients, they will be malnourished, stunted, slow to grow, resistant and have a weak immune system, so the risk of getting sick and getting sick is very high. very high.

Therefore, ready-made dry dog ​​food was born and is considered a great solution to help owners take the best care of their small dogs. Because the nutritional content of dry food has been carefully calculated by the manufacturer to suit each dog breed, age, weight, and health status, farmers only need to feed the correct amount of food as directed. This means the puppy has been provided with adequate nutrition.

Veterinary experts say that for puppies 2 – 6 months old after weaning from their mothers, dry puppy food during this period often has a lower protein content and internal organs. compared to dry food for adult dogs. Because at this time, the puppy’s digestive system is not yet fully developed and is still weak, so feeding too much protein can cause bloating, indigestion, excess nutrients, diarrhea…

Besides, you should choose to buy dry puppy food from famous and reputable brands. Avoid buying dry food of unknown origin and poor quality, which can endanger your puppy’s health and development.

Dry puppy food has a lower protein content than dry adult dog food

Choose dry puppy food
Experience choosing suitable dry food for puppies

You should choose dry puppy food from a reputable brand

Currently, dry food for bosses is quite popular and diverse, for small bosses from the time they learn to eat until the bosses have grown up. Therefore, you will not have many difficulties in the process of buying dry food for your baby Boss. However, to ensure the quality and nutrition necessary for the development of Boss, you need to choose reputable and trusted brands such as: Royal canin Babydog milk, Esbilac, PetLac, Dr.Kyan Predogen, Bio MilkGanador, Fitmin, Zenith , Classic Pets…

Avoid buying dry puppy food without a clear brand and origin. Because these foods often have poor quality. If the little boss eats it, he will easily get diarrhea or may develop slowly due to the food ingredients and quality not being guaranteed.

Experience choosing suitable dry food for puppies
When buying dry food for puppies, you should choose a reputable brand

Where to buy reputable and quality dry food for puppies?

As we shared above, buying dry food of poor quality can be dangerous for puppies. Therefore, in addition to choosing high-quality dry food from famous brands, you also need to choose a reputable purchasing address to ensure you buy genuine, quality dry food.

The way to identify reputable pet food stores is very simple, you just need to find large, famous stores and units that are trusted and chosen by many pet owners. That unit also received positive feedback from customers after purchasing and using the product. When buying dog food here, you will no longer have to worry about buying fake or counterfeit products. In particular, the staff also advises you on choosing the type of dry food that best suits your puppy.

Above is the information surrounding the issue dry food for puppies. Hopefully the information we share above will help you choose the most suitable dry food for your puppy.

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