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The 9 types of shower gel below will help your boss always have healthy skin and fur, helping to retain a longer-lasting fragrance. You will feel closer to your boss than ever. Let’s see what kind of shower gel they are!

Below are dog shower gels from famous and reputable brands on the market today. Take a look now to choose to use for your boss!

1. Best shower gel for SOS dogs

SOS shower gel originates from Taiwan and has a low price, so it is popular with many pet owners around the world. SOS shower gel has many types with many different uses such as: shower gel for white-haired dogs, shower gel for red-brown dogs, anti-odor shower gel, hair care shower gel, shower gel to treat ticks, lice, fleas, milk. bathing to treat skin fungus…

In particular, because SOS shower gel is completely naturally extracted, it is very safe and does not cause irritation, so it is suitable for all dog breeds, including dogs with the most sensitive bodies. With outstanding advantages, SOS is a great choice if you are wondering which type of shower gel is best for dogs?

Sos shampoo for dogs is a reputable brand
Sos shampoo for dogs is a reputable brand

2. Best shower gel for dogs Fay Groom

This is a shower gel product researched and produced by experts specifically for dogs with thick and curly hair such as poodles, Pekingese or Japanese dogs. The main ingredient is natural essential oils that care for and nourish shiny hair; The gentle scent helps eliminate bad odors on the dog’s body for up to 7 days…

3. Joyce & Dolls Valley dog ​​shampoo

This is an effective odor-relieving shower gel because it contains Tego Irgasan nutrients. In particular, Joyce & Dolls Valley dog ​​shower gel also helps effectively prevent odor-causing bacteria on the skin, giving dogs a clean and fragrant coat for many days. Reference price: 235,000 VND/1 bottle of 650ml.

Joyce & Dolls Toffee reddish brown poodle shampoo
Joyce & Dolls Toffee dog shampoo

4. Gold Active dog shampoo

As a brand of dog shower gel produced in Vietnam, the price is very cheap, only about 60,000 VND/1 300ml bottle. Although the price is cheap, the quality of Gold Active shower gel is highly appreciated by consumers. If you are wondering how to choose shower gel for your Pug dog, Gold Active shower gel is a great suggestion.

Gold Active shower gel has main ingredients such as: cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium laureth sulphate, triclosan and glycerin to clean hair and deodorize; Supports treatment and prevention of fleas, lice, and ticks; Prevents hair loss and nourishes shiny hair… Because it does not contain toxic ingredients, Gold Active shower gel is very safe when bathing dogs.

5. Perfect Coat dog shampoo

Pug dog shower gel – Perfect Coat is the shower gel brand with the largest consumption in Vietnam today. The product originates from the United States and is imported directly to Vietnam by units, so you can be absolutely assured about the quality and safety of Perfect Coat shower gel.

The main ingredients of Perfect Coat shower gel include oatmeal extract, panthenol, and liposomes. Helps clean dog hair and skin; care and nourish hair and skin to always be soft and smooth; Supports the treatment of ticks, lice, fleas… Gentle vanilla scent helps remove odors from dog fur and skin. In particular, Perfect Coat shower gel does not cause irritation, is very safe and friendly to the sensitive skin of Pug dogs. Perfect Coat shower gel currently has a reference price of 200,000 VND/1 380ml bottle.

6. Perfect Coat dog shampoo

The main ingredients of Perfect Coat shower gel include oatmeal, panthenol, liposomes and vanilla scent. Perfect Coat shower gel has the following uses: Eliminates odors, long-lasting fragrance. Skin is free from itching, dryness and allergies. Moisturizes the skin to keep it smooth and healthy. Prevent ticks and fleas. Remove dirt quickly and simply.

7. Davis dog shampoo

Is the most famous American brand providing dog shampoo and conditioner products. Established in 1982, to date, the Davis shower gel brand has become the top choice of many pet owners around the world, including Vietnam. Davis dog shower gel uses: makes dog hair softer and stronger; prevent fungus, bacteria and skin diseases; Balances moisture to keep skin soft and smooth. Showers extremely clean, eliminates odors extremely quickly, fragrance lasts longer…

Davis dog shower gel
Davis dog shower gel

8. Gold Active dog shampoo

As a dog shower gel product manufactured at a factory in Vietnam, Gold Active shower gel has been certified for quality and safety by reputable agencies and organizations. Gold Active Pomeranian shower gel not only has a pleasant scent but also has the ability to prevent ticks and fleas from appearing on the Pomeranian’s body; Care for smooth, healthy hair and skin…

9. Anti-shedding shower gel for Dakpets dogs

This is a line of anti-shedding shower gel for dogs extracted from aloe vera and coconut oil, does not contain toxic substances such as dyes, soaps, preservatives. Helps prevent and combat hair loss in dogs effectively. This Dakpets dog shower gel also limits ticks and lice. The market price is 280,000 VND for a 473ml bottle.

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