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The information we are about to share below will definitely be very useful to you in choosing dog shower gel to choose the best and most suitable product for your dog.

The trend of raising dogs has become increasingly popular in Vietnam in recent years. Not simply raising dogs for the purpose of keeping the house, dogs are also considered a member with a certain position in the family. That’s why breeders pay close attention to everything about eating, cleaning and bathing their pet dogs. Among them, many people want to learn about how to choose shower gel for dogs with the desire to choose the most suitable shower gel for your dog.

shower gel for dogs
Dog shower gel

What types of dog shampoo are there?

Based on the purpose of use, dog shower gel will include the following types:

– Dry dog ​​shower gel, no need to use water.

– Wet shampoo for dogs requires water.

– Dog shower gel treats dermatitis and scabies.

– Dog shower gel to treat ticks and lice.

– Shower gel for puppies.

– Shower gel for white-haired dogs.

Experience choosing shower gel for dogs

To choose the most suitable and best shower gel for your dog, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

+ Choose shower gel specifically for dogs from reputable and famous brands such as SOS, Shampoo, Olive, Joyce & Doll…

+ Choose a shower gel suitable for the age of the dog you are raising. Ingredients in shower gel for dogs Puppies are often gentler than shampoos for adult dogs.

+ Choose a shower gel that suits the nature of your dog’s fur such as: shower gel for dogs with little hair, white hair, lots of hair, hair care, reddish brown hair, coat color retention…

+ You should choose shower gel with natural ingredients, does not cause skin irritation, is safe and friendly to your pet’s skin.

+ Choose shower gel with PH = 7 to 7.14 to ensure safety for your dog’s skin.

+ Do not choose shower gel that contains many chemicals, which has a high risk of causing irritation.

You should choose shower gel specifically for dogs from reputable and famous brands
You should choose shower gel specifically for dogs from reputable and famous brands

Revealing the 4 most popular dog shampoo brands today

Currently on the market there are many brands of dog shower gel. However, not all shower gel brands fully meet the above criteria. Below we will suggest 4 brands shower gel for dogs The most popular today because of its high quality and safety. Specifically:

1. SOS dog shampoo

Dog shower gel has the effect of deodorizing, killing bacteria, removing dirt, softening the buttocks, and the fragrance stays on the skin and fur for up to 7 days. SOS shower gel originates from Taiwan, suitable for all dog breeds of different ages and any hair type. The product has a reference price of 150,000 VND/bottle.

2. Bio Care dog shampoo

With main ingredients such as Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Permethrin, Acid… Bio Care shower gel is effective in treating ticks, lice, ticks, and fleas. From there, restore, care for and protect the skin from disease-causing bacteria. Besides, Bio Care shower gel also helps care for and nourish soft, smooth hair, preventing hair loss… Bio Care shower gel has a reference price of about 95,000 VND/bottle.

3. Perfect Coat dog shampoo

Dog shower gel Perfect Coat originating from the United States is very popular in Vietnam. Perfect Coat shower gel is certified to be 98% extracted from nature, so it is absolutely safe for your pet’s skin and health. Mild fragrance, effective deodorant and long lasting on the body. In particular, Perfect Coat shower gel also helps dogs avoid dry skin, allergies and itching. The product has a reference price of about 200,000 VND.

4. Trixie dog shampoo

The outstanding advantage of Trixie shower gel is that it cares for, nourishes and protects dog skin very well. Because the ingredients of Trixie shower gel include sea buckthorn essential oil, macadamia nuts and fatty acids. Besides, Trixie shower gel also has the effect of preventing hair fading and softening hair; Prevents harmful parasites such as lice, ticks, fleas… The product has a reference price of about 150,000 VND/bottle.

Trixie dog shampoo
Trixie dog shampoo

Where is the most reputable place to buy dog ​​shower gel?

Dog shampoo brands are sold at many different addresses in the Vietnamese market. But you need to research carefully to choose a reputable and highly reliable sales address to buy genuine shower gel and ensure safety for your dog’s health.

Conclude: Hopefully with the information we shared above, we hope you will have more experience choosing shower gel for dogs. Hope you choose the most suitable and best shower gel for your dog!

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