Details of 6 washing programs of Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher

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Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher possesses 6 washing programs that can meet all family needs. Join to learn more about these programs.

1. Basic design of Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher

Bosch SMI46IS03E is an imported dishwasher that is highly appreciated by consumers, especially in Europe, thanks to its youthful design but still retaining its characteristic elegance. The machine has a semi-sound design that brings neatness and sturdiness. The highlight in the design of the Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher is that the body is recessed and the front is made of wood. Besides, the high-quality monolithic stainless steel panel provides an outstanding appearance and facilitates the arrangement of bowls, chopsticks, and pots.

The Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher has a powerful washing capacity, capable of washing up to 14 sets of European-style dishes. The machine has separate compartments to store pots, pans, dishes, knives, and spoons, thus avoiding chipping of bowls, cups, and mugs during the washing process. In particular, the Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher operates very smoothly thanks to soundproof walls and anti-vibration, minimizing noise at about 44dB when the machine is operating.

Details of 6 washing programs of Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher
Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher has powerful washing capacity (photo: Bosch).

2. Details of 6 programs of Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher

Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher fully meets all family needs through 6 diverse and effective washing programs.

2.1. Intensive 70°C Wash Program (Intensive 70°C)

The Intensive Wash program is for heavily soiled dishes and pots and pans. It will thoroughly clean dishes, pots and pans with high heat and powerful spray force. This program is ideal for large parties or when you need to clean greasy cooking utensils.

2.2. Automatic Wash Program 45-65°C (Auto 45-65°C)

This 45-65°C automatic washing program has two special modes: a low-temperature washing mode for fragile glass and high-end ceramic items and a high-temperature washing mode suitable for regular dishes. The automatic washing program operates based on smart sensors, capable of accurately determining the amount of dishes and how dirty they are.

Based on this data, the machine will automatically adjust water temperature, water volume and washing time to ensure cleaning efficiency. When washing delicate items such as glasses, the machine will choose low temperature and light water pressure to protect them. On the contrary, for dirtier items such as dishes after meals, the machine will increase the temperature and spray force to completely remove grease and stubborn stains. In addition, thanks to smart adjustment through sensors, the Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher reduces water waste and protects the environment.

Details of 6 washing programs of Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher
6 programs of the Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher (photo: Bosch).

2.3. Eco 50°C Wash Program (ECO 50°C)

The 50°C Eco Wash program aims to use less water and energy. This is the best choice for people who care about protecting the environment and want to minimize monthly electricity and water costs. This program is pre-installed as the default program when starting the computer. It will clean dishes and everyday items with the lowest possible energy and water consumption. Although it uses few resources, this program ensures effective cleaning thanks to advanced technology and optimized washing processes. A water temperature of 50°C will remove common stains and grease, and will not damage sensitive items such as glass and porcelain.

The 50°C economical washing program also has the added bonus of quiet operation. With advanced noise-canceling technology, the Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher will operate quietly, without disturbing your family’s living space. This is a big advantage, especially for families with young children or living in narrow spaces.

2.4. Glass Washing Program 40ºC (Glass 40ºC)

For delicate glass items such as glasses and mugs, the 40ºC Glass Wash program is a great choice. During the washing process, the water is kept at a temperature of 40°C, a temperature level enough to remove light stains without causing any damage to items, especially items made of glass and glass. which is very susceptible to scratches and cracks under the impact of high temperature and water pressure. After the main wash cycle, the program continues with a rinse step at 60°C. The high temperature in this step helps completely remove remaining detergents and provides a deeper clean. Finally, the drying cycle will help items become dry and fragrant.

Details of 6 washing programs of Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher
The Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher has separate compartments to store pots, pans, dishes, knives, and spoons (photo: Bosch).

2.5. Wash program 1 hour 65ºC (1 Hour 65ºC)

The 1h 65ºC Wash program of the Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher is the ideal choice when you need to clean dishes in a short time. With high temperatures and a wash time of just one hour, this program helps you quickly get clean dishes without having to wait long. High water temperature of 65°C not only helps effectively remove grease and stubborn stains but also has a bactericidal effect, bringing cleanliness to the user.

Short washing time of just one hour saves significant time compared to conventional washing programs. In situations where you need to wash quickly, such as after a party or when you have a lot of guests over, you’ll always have dishes ready to serve. Furthermore, the fast washing speed does not affect the quality of washing and drying, the dishes are still clean, dry and shiny after each cycle.

2.6. Pre-rinse Program

The Rinse program of the Bosch SMI46IS03E built-in dishwasher is set in most washing programs to improve cleaning efficiency. During the first stage of each washing cycle, water is rinsed evenly over all items, softening and removing stains and food debris remaining on the surface of the dishes. This program is also ideal when you don’t have enough dishes to complete a wash cycle but still want to remove odors and stubborn stains before using the dishwasher next time. Water that is drained evenly and continuously during the PreRinse phase will prevent dry food from sticking to the dishes, making it difficult to wash later.

With 6 flexible washing programs, the Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher not only brings convenience but also helps optimize time and resources during each wash.

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