Daikin Inverter 9000 BTU 1-way air conditioner FTKC25UAVMV is still a ‘hot hit’ even though it was released 5 years ago

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Launched in 2021, but until now the Daikin FTKC25UAVMV 9000 BTU inverter 1-way air conditioner is still a popular choice among many users. Below are the factors that make this 1-way air conditioner attractive to users.

1. Reasonable price of Daikin 1-way inverter air conditioner FTKC25UAVMV

Daikin air conditioner prices are always famous for being the most expensive among the brands on the market. But according to statistical data of Websosanh.vn, currently many electronics stores and supermarkets are selling Daikin 1-way inverter air conditioner 9000 BTU FTKC25UAVMV for only Price from 8.35 million VND.

This price is not cheap but it is suitable for the budget of many users. In particular, this is also a Japanese air conditioner with energy-saving inverter technology. Therefore, the product is attractive to users who need to buy an air conditioner for the bedroom or family living room for long-term use.

Not only does it have a reasonable price, this 1hp air conditioner model also has many factors that attract users.

Daikin Inverter 9000 BTU 1-way air conditioner FTKC25UAVMV is still very good
The price of Daikin 1-way inverter air conditioner FTKC25UAVMV is very reasonable (Photo: Daikin).

2. Daikin 9000 BTU FTKC25UAVMV air conditioner provides super quality cooling

By using a high-end compressor from a Japanese manufacturer, accompanied by a new generation of refrigerant, the Daikin FTKC25UAVMV air conditioner has extremely good cooling efficiency, especially with the quick cool mode (press Powerful button on the remote control, it only takes 5 minutes for this air conditioner to lower the room temperature by 3 degrees Celsius.

Daikin also brings Coanda airflow technology to the 1-way air conditioner model FTKC25UAVMV. Coanda airflow will create cool air straight to the ceiling, then spread around the room, not blowing directly on the user, so it does not cause headaches or discomfort, especially suitable for people with sinusitis.

Daikin Inverter 9000 BTU 1-way air conditioner FTKC25UAVMV is still very good
Natural wind flow, comfortable for users (Photo: Daikin).

This 9000 BTU air conditioner model also integrates a variety of different cooling modes for users to choose from, including:

  • Normal cooling mode (COOL) users can adjust a variety of temperature levels from 16 – 30 degrees Celsius and wind direction and wind speed in this mode to provide optimal cooling efficiency for their needs.
  • Powerful fast cooling mode
  • Super quiet cooling mode (press Quiet on the remote) will lower the indoor unit noise level to a minimum, providing an extremely quiet space for the user.
  • Comfort mode (press COMFORT on the remote) will create Coanda airflow that does not blow cold air directly on the user.
  • Dehumidification mode (press DRY on the remote) will help reduce moisture in the air on humid days. The equipped humidity sensor also helps control dehumidification so that it is not too dry, but maintained at an optimal level for health.

With a variety of smart cooling modes, even sensitive users such as children, infants, people with sinusitis… will feel comfortable in this air-conditioned room.

3. Daikin 1-way 9000 BTU inverter air conditioner FTKC25UAVMV super energy saving

Saving electricity is always the top advantage of the Daikin brand because optimizations in the compressor, radiator… help minimize power consumption. While the Daikin FTKC25UAVMV model also has 2 more high-end equipment including inverter technology and smart eye technology.

Inverter technology will flexibly adjust the compressor speed to provide optimal cooling efficiency while saving up to 60% electricity compared to normal.

Daikin Inverter 9000 BTU 1-way air conditioner FTKC25UAVMV is still very good
Smart control thanks to “magic eye” (Photo:Sieuthimaylanh).

The smart eye sensor system will help Daikin FTKC25UAVMV air conditioner recognize the number of people and movement in the room. With ECONO mode, if within 20 minutes there are no detected people and no movement, the air conditioner will automatically increase the room temperature by 2 degrees Celsius to save energy. Meanwhile, if motion is detected, it will increase the temperature to the user’s set level.

It is with a series of integrated smart features that gives Daikin inverter 9000 BTU 1-way air conditioner FTKC25UAVMV impressive energy saving efficiency. The machine is labeled by the Ministry of Industry and Trade with a 5-star energy label with an energy efficiency index CSPF reached 5.7. The power consumption of Daikin FTKC25UAVMV is only 0.68 kWhso even if you use it for 10 hours a day, your family’s monthly electricity bill will not increase too much.

4. Daikin FTKC25UAVMV air conditioner filters impressively clean air

Daikin FTKC25UAVMV 1-way air conditioner is equipped by the manufacturer Apatite filter membrane Helps disinfect and deodorize extremely effectively – this technology has been proven through air conditioners equipped with this filter technology. Therefore, even if someone smokes in the room, or is used in the family dining room, the Daikin FTKC25UAVMV air conditioner will still maintain an airy space without unpleasant odors.

In particular, the Daikin FTKC25UAVMV 1hp inverter air conditioner is also equipped with technology from the manufacturer. PM2.5 fine dust filter, this helps remove dust and pollen particles ranging in size from 2.5 micrometers, providing a clean, healthy space for users’ health. This feature is especially suitable for users living in big cities where fine dust pollution is getting worse.

Daikin Inverter 9000 BTU 1-way air conditioner FTKC25UAVMV is still very good
Effectively cleans air and deodorizes well (Photo: Daikin).

5. Daikin inverter 9000 BTU 1-way air conditioner FTKC25UAVMV is designed for the Vietnamese market

In addition to the sophisticated modern indoor unit design, the hot unit of Daikin 1-way air conditioner FTKC25UAVMV is also optimally designed to suit Vietnam. The use of high-quality materials with multiple anti-corrosion layers helps the condenser have impressive durability over time of use, even when the condenser is placed outdoors and has no cover.

In particular, Daikin brought it protection circuit with the ability to create stability for the air conditioner even when there is a difference Voltage up to 440V – this is definitely a feature that people in rural or mountainous areas (where power supply is often unstable during peak hours) like.

It can be seen as unnatural that even after being launched for nearly 5 years, the Daikin inverter 9000 BTU 1-way air conditioner model FTTKC25UAVMV is still popular with many users. With genuine quality warranty, surely if customers need to buy quality air conditioners for rooms under 15m2, the Daikin FTKC25UAVMV is still a version worth considering.

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