Creative Informatics – Informatics technology for Vietnamese people!

Creative Informatics provides solutions for purchasing a variety of technology equipment, office equipment, and electronic components at affordable prices, a worthy reference for those who are looking for a reputable purchasing unit. trust, trust.

In the current age of information technology, computers and information technology devices have become an indispensable part of any daily activity. From work to personal entertainment, we all rely heavily on these types of devices. In our country, there is a brand that has affirmed its position over the years, providing consumers with high-quality information technology products and services at reasonable prices – that is Bright Informatics. Create.

1. Creative Informatics – Technology for Vietnamese people!

Creative Informatics is a business unit specializing in providing a variety of informatics products from laptops, computers, computer components to many other technology devices. With more than 10 years of business operations, Creative Informatics has built trust and received trust from a large number of corporate and individual customers through excellent product quality and service.

Creative Informatics – Informatics technology for Vietnamese people!
Creative Informatics – Informatics for Vietnamese people (Photo: Creative Informatics).

A special feature of Creative Informatics is that there is no gap between the concepts of ‘wholesale’ and ‘retail’. Regardless of whether your consumer needs are small or large, Creative Informatics has the same reasonable price, plus dedicated advice from a professional team with deep understanding of technology and Informatics. Sang Tao can always offer the most suitable solution for each customer.

With a wide network of partners and suppliers, Creative Informatics can bring customers high-quality informatics products from leading brands such as Asus, HP, Dell, Apple, Intel, AMD, …with competitive prices and preferential warranty policies.

2. Providing information technology solutions from A to Z!

With a variety of products, Creative Informatics meets the diverse needs of users. From laptops and desktops to computer components such as RAM, hard drives, keyboards, mice, headphones, speakers, etc. Creative Informatics provides a full range of necessary products for users.

In addition, Creative Informatics is also a supplier of office equipment such as printers, photocopiers, scanners and many other equipment, serving the modern office needs of businesses and agencies.

2.1. Laptop

Creative Informatics – Informatics technology for Vietnamese people!
Laptop designs are diverse, functions suitable for different users (Photo: Creative Informatics).

Laptops are one of the key products of Creative Informatics. With a diverse product line from leading brands such as Asus, HP, Dell, Acer…, Creative Informatics meets the needs of all customers, from individual users to businesses and agencies.

2.2. PC computer set

In addition to laptops, Creative Informatics also provides a variety of PC lines from famous brands. Customers can choose products that suit their needs, from office computers to graphics and gaming computers.

2.3. Computer and laptop accessories

Creative Informatics – Informatics technology for Vietnamese people!
Abundant components, serving the needs of upgrading and building PCs (Photo: Creative Informatics).

In addition to computer and laptop lines, Creative Informatics also provides a variety of computer and laptop components so customers can upgrade or repair their computers easily. From keyboard, RAM, battery, SSD hard drive, HDD hard drive, CPU,… all are provided by Creative Informatics with guaranteed quality.

2.4. Other network, phone, audio and gaming devices and components

Creative Informatics – Informatics technology for Vietnamese people!
Diverse accessories (Photo: Creative Informatics).

In addition, Creative Informatics also provides network equipment and components such as routers, switches, and network cables to help customers set up a stable and fast internet network. At the same time, audio devices, mobile phones, and gaming accessories are also provided to meet the entertainment and work needs of users.

3. After-sales policy at Creative Informatics

Creative Informatics is committed to providing customers with the cheapest prices on the market along with a long-term warranty policy. For products such as laptops, computers, and computer components, customers will enjoy a warranty period of 12 to 60 months depending on the product. In addition, each product is guaranteed a 1 for 1 exchange within 07 days after you receive the product, applicable to cases where the product is defective due to the manufacturer during the warranty period. This helps customers feel secure about the quality of the products they buy.

In addition, for those who are pupils, students, and low-income workers, Creative Informatics also applies a 0% interest installment payment support program, helping all types of consumers to be able to Shop and access high-tech products without worrying about financial issues.

If you are looking for a reputable high-tech equipment purchasing unit at cheap prices, Creative Informatics will be the address worth placing your trust in.

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