Compare Samsung DU8000 and CU8000 TVs: Generation 2024 has a few small advantages!

The newly launched Samsung DU8000 and its elder generation, Samsung CU8000, are both the best 4K LED TVs in the popular segment. But with technological advantages, Samsung DU8000 2024 will have a few small advantages when compared to the previous generation.

Samsung DU8000 is a new 4K LED TV line launched on the market to replace its predecessor CU8000. But, should we choose this line when the previous Samsung CU8000 series is still extremely popular on the market?

So that readers can make the most accurate choice, this article We will compare these two Samsung TV lines based on basic criteria, to see which line is really better and more cost-effective.

1. Technical specifications of Samsung CU8000 and Samsung DU8000

Samsung CU8000 Samsung DU8000
Screen type LED LED
Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160) 4K (3840 x 2160)
Operating system Tizen Tizen
Scan frequency 60Hz 60Hz (85 inch has 120Hz)
Speaker capacity 20W 20W
Connect 3 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet (LAN), Optical, RF-in 3 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet (LAN), Optical, RF-in
Voice control Bixby Bixby
Artificial intelligence AI Energy AI Energy and AI Upscale
Dimensions (inches) 43, 50, 55, 65, 65, 70, 75, 85 43, 50, 55, 65, 65, 70, 75, 85

2. Similarities between Samsung DU8000 and CU8000

2.1. Appearance design

In terms of design appearance, both Samsung DU8000 and Samsung CU8000 are almost no different, their physical size is similar because they both apply Air Slim structure and if only viewed from the front, we can hardly tell the difference. Which is the 2023 TV model and which is the 2024 TV model?

Compare Samsung DU8000 and CU8000 TVs: Generation 2024 has a few small advantages!
Samsung DU8000 and CU8000 are the two most popular 4K LED TV lines today (Photo: Tech Steve).

At the back, too, we have a large plastic panel finished with beautiful faux-metal scratches. And the connection module is also arranged in the same position, it includes 2 USB ports, 3 HDMI ports, LAN port, Optical and antenna port.

Even the wireless connection of these two lines does not have any upgrades, both use Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.2.

Compare Samsung DU8000 and CU8000 TVs: Generation 2024 has a few small advantages!
The backs of these two Samsung TVs are identical, difficult to distinguish (Photo: Tech Steve).

Honestly, for new product lines, what we want is always changes compared to the previous generation (regardless of whether the effect is good or bad). But with these two lines, users will probably be a little disappointed, because they are 100% similar in physical parameters. Anyway, at least Samsung still ensures we have a good-looking, fashionable 4K LED TV, rich connectivity and good wireless signal for daily use.

2.2. Sound quality

In addition to appearance design, from sound configuration to sound quality between Samsung DU8000 and CU8000 is almost ‘copy-paste’. Both use the most basic speaker configuration of 2 channels, each channel has a capacity of 10W.

Basically, thanks to Samsung’s leading sound calibration capabilities, this sound system works quite well. For everyday use, it delivers clear mid and treble sounds and clear dialogue. As for listening to music or watching movies, because of the low power, the bass is a bit weak and thin.

Additional technologies such as Object Tracking Sound (OTS), Adaptive Sound and Q-Symphony are similar. In particular, although the speaker power is a bit low, OTS can still provide quite good multi-dimensional simulation effect for closed or not too spacious spaces, and Adaptive Sound provides a very rich sound experience with each content viewed.

3. Comparison of display quality: Samsung DU8000 is better!

Despite having the same physical parameters and software technology, in terms of display, the Samsung DU8000 gives completely superior results to its predecessor.

First, it will corrode to sharpness. Both have 4K resolution and are equipped with the line’s signature Crystal 4K processor. However, on the DU8000 generation, Samsung has added AI artificial intelligence to calibrate input images faster and more accurately. Especially the upscaling ability on the DU8000 achieves higher detail, more vivid colors and better contrast.

Compare Samsung DU8000 and CU8000 TVs: Generation 2024 has a few small advantages!
The sharpness on the DU8000 is more prominent, the bokeh effect behind the subject is also better than the CU8000 (Photo: Tech Steve).

In addition, DU8000 also supports HDR content more effectively, the brightness is significantly increased compared to CU8000 and highlights dark and light colors. With the same display content, DU8000 will give better frame depth and more vividness.

Regarding image smoothness, both use Motion

Compare Samsung DU8000 and CU8000 TVs: Generation 2024 has a few small advantages!
Black color is deeper so DU8000 will reproduce details better and more realistically than CU8000 (Photo: Tech Steve).

Finally, another big advantage of the DU8000 compared to the CU8000 is that in the 85-inch version, Samsung has specially added to it a 120Hz refresh rate.

4. Additional features and utilities: Samsung DU8000 has the edge!

Regarding additional features, these two Samsung TV models are generally “eight ounces, half a pound” because the operating system platform and accompanying features and utilities are identical. Include:

  • Tizen OS 8.0 operating system
  • Samsung Gaming Hub
  • AI Energy
  • Smart Things
  • Samsung Knox Security
  • Samsung TV Plus
  • Solarcell Remote
Compare Samsung DU8000 and CU8000 TVs: Generation 2024 has a few small advantages!
The features and utilities on these two Samsung TV lines are similar, but the DU8000 will have a small advantage (Photo: Tech Steve).

However, on DU8000 2024, Samsung has added something very new, called Samsung Daily+. According to Samsung, this is an application ecosystem for users to manage their daily activities and lifestyle comfortably. In this ecosystem will include features such as Smart Things, Samsung Health, Workspace…

5. Samsung DU8000 and Samsung CU8000: Which line is better value for money?

From the comparisons above, it is clear that Samsung DU8000 has a few small advantages compared to Samsung CU8000. To be honest, the difference between them is not much, CU8000 still has very nice display capabilities, it’s just that DU8000 is even more beautiful. And for a TV used for entertainment, nothing is more important than image quality. Simply put, whichever TV displays better is worth buying.

However, no matter what you say, the Samsung CU8000 is still not overshadowed by the ‘aura’ of the DU8000. It’s still one of the best options in the entry-level price segment today, and compared to the DU8000, its price is cheaper.

Compare Samsung DU8000 and CU8000 TVs: Generation 2024 has a few small advantages!
Both DU8000 and CU8000 have extremely good gaming performance (Photo: Tech Steveo).

Take the 43-inch version, for example. The newly launched Samsung 43DU8000 has a selling price of about 11.9 million VND, while the Samsung 43CU8000 costs only 9.8 million VND. The difference of up to 2.1 million VND is really a factor to consider for many people at this time. Because with the extra money, we can buy a soundbar to supplement the sound performance of the TV.

Anyway, the choice is still up to you.

And over here Completed comparison of two TV models Samsung DU8000 and Samsung CU8000. Hopefully the information in this article will be useful to those who are also interested in this issue, and those who are wondering whether to choose one of the two will have the right choice for themselves.

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