Choosing shower gel for dogs and cats is not difficult if you know this

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Choosing shower gel for dogs and cats is always a problem that makes many pet owners “crazy” and takes a lot of time to learn. But just spending 1 minute reading this article, choosing shower gel for dogs and cats becomes extremely simple.

The position of dogs and cats today is very different from before. Not only raised to catch mice or guard the house, cats and dogs have become pets of many families. Therefore, choosing food, choosing shower gel for dogs and cats It is also of interest to many pet owners.

Consequences of choosing the wrong shower gel for dogs and cats

Many people who raise dogs and cats think that dogs and cats are simply animals, and since they are animals, they do not need to be taken care of too meticulously. Therefore, in addition to eating human leftovers or spoiled, expired food, dogs and cats are also bathed with human shampoo, shower gel, and even washing powder. clothes.

According to veterinarians, using the wrong shower gel or using human shower gel and shampoo to bathe dogs and cats is a complete mistake that many owners make. Although not life-threatening, indiscriminate use of shower gel for dogs and cats can cause hair loss, tangled hair, skin irritation and directly affect their health.

Using human shower gel can cause cats and dogs to lose hair
Using human shower gel can cause cats and dogs to lose hair

How to choose the right shower gel for dogs and cats

Choosing the right shower gel for dogs and cats is not as difficult as you think. Below are some criteria and experiences to help you easily find and buy a quality, safe and suitable shower gel product for your dogs and cats:

– Should choose shower gel for dogs and cats has a pH ranging from 7 -7.5.

– Choose shower gel from a reputable and famous company or brand such as SOS, YU, Joyce &Doll, Olive or Shampoo…

– Choose a shower gel product suitable for your dog or cat such as: shower gel for short-haired and long-haired dogs and cats; hair care shower gel; deodorizing shower gel; Shower gel to treat ticks and lice; shower gel to treat dermatitis…

– Learn about the ingredients included shower gel for dogs and cats. You should choose shower gel products extracted from natural herbs and do not contain toxic chemicals to ensure safety for the skin and health of dogs and cats.

– Choosing shower gel suitable for each age of dog and cat is also something that owners need to pay special attention to. Because shower gel for kittens is always gentler than for adult dogs and cats.

Dogs should be regularly bathed with appropriate shower gel to prevent dermatitis
You should choose a shower gel suitable for cats and dogs

What types of shower gel are there for dogs and cats?

There are two main types of shower gel for dogs and cats: dry shower gel and wet shower gel. Specifically:

+ Dry shower gel: Often used to wash small dogs and cats, sick dogs and cats, postpartum and nursing children or can be used in winter. The feature of this shower gel is that it does not require water. You just need to spray the shower gel into your hands and then rub it evenly on the dogs and cats’ fur until the dirt is gone. After scratching, just use a comb to remove all the shower gel stuck to the dog and cat’s fur without using water.

+ Wet shower gel: This is the most popular and commonly used form of shower gel. When cats and dogs are mature enough and completely healthy, you can use wet shower gel to bathe them. This type of shower gel has the ability to remove dirt and clean quickly while preserving the fragrance longer. One thing is for sure, when bathing dogs and cats with wet shower gel, you must use water.

Top 3 effective deodorizing dog shower gels
Bath gel for dogs and cats is trusted by many people

You can refer to some famous brand dog and cat shower gel lines that many people use for pets such as: Joyce & Dolls Waterless Cleansing Foam, YÚ, Fay Puppy, sleeky, bobo, Innopet, Coka Dog, Magic , SOS…

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