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When seeing their pet dog being attacked by ticks, the first solution many people think of is to use dog shampoo to treat ticks. Shower gel is considered by experts to be the most effective and safest solution for treating dog ticks.

Surveying the dog shower gel market in Vietnam, we can see that dog shower gel treats ticks There are many types of different brands. But not everyone can name the best and most effective anti-tick shower gel for dogs. Below we will suggest 4 types Dog shower gel to treat ticks The best, most effective and safest today.

1. Hantox anti-tick dog shampoo

– Made in Viet Nam.

– Ingredients: Pyrethroid, dibromovinyl, dimethylcyclorpropane carbocylate, cyano, phenoxybenzyl. These are rare organic active ingredients, licensed for use in the production of shower gel to treat ticks, so they are absolutely safe for the health of pets.

– Effects: Special treatment for fleas, lice, dog ticks, scabies; clean the dog’s body.

– How to use: Wet your hair and apply shower gel evenly all over your body. Gently massage all over the body, especially between the toes, armpits and neck – where the most bacteria are concentrated. After about 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly with water. Use a hair dryer to dry your dog’s hair. Use once a week. When bathing, avoid wearing it Dog shower gel to treat ticks Hantox gets into the mouth, nose, and eyes of pets.

– Reference price: 30,000 VND/200ml bottle.

Hantox anti-tick shower gel for dogs
Hantox dog anti-tick shower gel is effective for dogs

2. Bio Care anti-tick dog shampoo

+ Origin: Vietnam.

+ Ingredients: Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Citric Acid, Permethrin, Polyquaternium, purified water, odor.

+ Effect: Kills fleas, ticks, and parasites; healthy skin care; nourishes smooth hair; Eliminate body odor.

+ How to use: Similar to Dog shower gel to treat ticks Hantox.

+ Reference price: 50,000 VND/200ml bottle.

Bio Care anti-tick shower gel for dogs
Bio Care anti-tick shower gel for dogs originates from Vietnam

3. Palma Care anti-tick dog shampoo

– Origin: Product of Fay – Vietnam.

– Ingredients: Citrus oils, solvents, fragrances and safe additives.

– Uses: Kills and prevents dog ticks and lice; refresh a disgusting smell; prevent fungus and scabies; anti-hair loss; Provides moisture and nourishes soft skin..

– Using Dog shower gel to treat ticks Palma Care: Similar to Hantox shower gel.

– Reference price: 49,000 VND/bottle of 300ml.

Palma Care anti-tick shower gel for dogs
Palma Care anti-tick shower gel for dogs

4. Bio Derma anti-tick dog shampoo

+ Origin: Vietnam.

+ Ingredients: Amitraz Ketoconazole and purified water. Completely free of stimulants and toxic chemicals that harm your dog’s skin and health.

+ Uses: Special treatment for dog mites, sarcoptes scabies and demodex; Treat dermatitis and fungus; Limit hair loss; deodorization; restore damaged skin…

+ Reference selling price of Dog shower gel to treat ticks Bio Derma: 42,000 VND/150ml bottle.

Bio Derma anti-tick shower gel for dogs
Bio Derma anti-tick shower gel for dogs

Instead of treating your dog for ticks, you can completely prevent ticks from attacking your dog’s body with some simple solutions such as: regularly cleaning your dog’s place; Wash your dog properly with appropriate shower gel; Check daily to see if your dog is being attacked by ticks to avoid ticks multiplying and developing, causing harm to your dog’s health.

Dog ticks not only endanger the health of dogs but can also affect your health and living environment. Therefore, as soon as you discover that your dog is attacked by ticks, you need to immediately use one of the 4 anti-tick shower gels for dogs we shared above to immediately kill dog ticks. Hope you can choose the type Dog shower gel to treat ticks Best to keep your dog clean and comfortable, free from ticks and lice that cause itching and discomfort!

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