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For cats to grow healthy and agile, choosing scientific cat food is extremely important. Let’s see which food groups are best for cats!

Many people think that choosing cat food is extremely simple, what humans eat is what cats eat, there is no need to have a separate diet. But according to veterinary experts, the cat’s digestive system is different from the human digestive system, so cat food also needs to be based on the cat’s age, breed and health status. If you want your cat to grow healthy and get sick less, you must research carefully about the choice cat food to have the most scientific diet.

Learn about cat food
Learn about cat food

Classification of cat food

Cat food includes two main groups: fresh food and processed food. You can combine both types of food to change the taste and provide all the necessary nutrients for your cat to develop fully and maximally.

Now let us learn in detail about the 2 cat food groups in the next part of the article.

Fresh cat food group

Cat food What should the fresh form contain? Below are the best fresh foods you should feed your cat regularly:

– Meat and animal organs: Cats can eat all types of meat such as chicken, fish, beef, pig, duck, goose, sheep; Internal organs such as liver, gizzard, heart, kidney, brain, intestines, lungs… You can buy these foods and prepare them into dishes for your cat to enjoy, they will definitely enjoy it.

– Eggs: Duck, chicken, goose, quail or balut eggs are also favorite foods of cats that you should not miss. You can boil, bake, fry or steam it for cats to eat, which is also very good. However, cats cannot eat egg whites, so when preparing, you need to remove the whites. Cats should only eat a maximum of 2 fruits per week to avoid excess nutrients.

– Types of fish: Cats can eat both freshwater fish and sea fish. Fish has long been considered a favorite food of cats. Fish provides a lot of protein, vitamin D, A, especially fish oil also helps treat hairballs in the stomach that block the intestines – a common disease in cats.

– Cow’s milk and cheese: Pasteurized cheese and cow’s milk are foods that provide extremely good fat, protein and calcium for cats. However, you should only feed your cat this food after weaning from its mother’s milk to avoid diarrhea, enteritis and worms.

– Green vegetables and fruits: You can feed your cat vegetables, carrots, string beans, cauliflower, apples, bananas, pineapples… to supplement fiber and essential vitamins that the cat’s body needs.

Cats can eat all types of animal meat and poultry
Cats can eat all types of animal meat and poultry

Prepared cat food

Cat food Prepared foods include two main types: canned food and dry food.

– Canned food: This type of food has high water content so it will minimize the risk of cats suffering from constipation and kidney stones. The nutritional ingredients of canned food are complete and rich, plus the delicious and attractive flavor will stimulate cats to eat more and eat better. However, because the ingredients and processing of canned food are more elaborate, the price is also quite high.

– Dry food: This is food processed into granules or pellets. Dry food has a very high nutritional content so it can help cats grow healthy and comprehensively. However, dry food has low water content, so cats are susceptible to kidney stones and constipation if eaten for a long time. Therefore, you need to let your cat drink lots of water, supplement green vegetables and eat it in combination with other foods to overcome this drawback.

However, when choosing cat food Prepared form, you should choose reputable and famous cat food brands, recommended by experts and trusted by many pet owners. Absolutely do not be cheap and buy food of unknown origin, which will affect your cat’s health.

You can refer to and choose some reputable cat food brands on the market today such as: Me-o, Royal Canin, Nutri source, Diamond care weight management, O’fresh – Cat care, Iskhan, Home Cat, Cat’s Eye, Whiskas tuna, Fitmin…

Me-o dry cat food
Me-o dry cat food

Cat food should not be eaten

Cat food You should stay away from the following foods:

  1. Raw potatoes: Chemicals in raw potato peels and leaves can negatively affect cats’ stomachs and digestive systems.
  2. Garlic and onions: These two foods cause weakness, vomiting and diarrhea, and even death.
  3. Raw eggs: The avidin in raw eggs interferes with the absorption of vitamin B, causing many serious health problems for cats.
  4. Raw meat and fish: Your cat is at risk of poisoning if he eats raw meat and fish that contain harmful bacteria.
  5. Chocolate: Eating chocolate causes your cat to breathe rapidly, increase heart rate, convulse and vomit.
  6. Salmon: Salmon contains a lot of mercury and fat that can harm your cat’s health.
  7. Dog food: Cats have higher nutritional needs than dogs. If your cat eats dog food for a long time, it is easy to suffer from malnutrition, rickets and weak health.
Cats should not eat dog food
Cats should not eat dog food

* Above is the information we have compiled cat food. Hope it will be useful to you in caring for and raising your cat!

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