Can human shower gel be used to bathe dogs?

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Using human shower gel for your dog will be more convenient, saving you the hassle of having to buy many types of shower gel. Is this possible? Does it have any effects on your dog?

Owning a pet dog in the house will make you quite comfortable with relaxing moments next to your smart and lovely dog. However, taking care of pet dogs, including daily cleaning and bathing for them, is something that many people find quite troublesome. For added convenience, they use human shower gel to bathe dogs, so is this good? Does it affect your dog? To know, we need to learn more about shower gel for dogs and shower gel for humans.

The difference between dog shower gel and human shower gel

Both are shower gels, but the products are specifically designed for dogs and for humans, so the ingredients and uses will not be the same.

Shower gel for humans will use ingredients that are safe for human skin to help clean, care for, and moisturize the skin. Even for shower gel for humans, there are many types for women, for men, for children, for people with dry skin, oily skin, combination skin… To be suitable for each skin type, these types are also available. has different ingredients and uses.

Dog shower gel is also researched and used specifically for dogs’ skin and fur to help clean dirt and keep skin and fur healthy. The product must ensure a suitable PH level to not cause allergies, dermatitis, or hair loss. There are many types of dog shower gel such as: shower gel for puppies, adult dogs, white-haired dogs, colored-haired dogs, long-haired dogs, dogs with dermatitis, hair loss, ticks, mange, and bad odors. …. Depending on the condition and needs that your dog is facing, you will choose the appropriate shower gel for them to bring the best care for them.

What is the difference between dog shampoo and human shower gel?
What is the difference between dog shower gel and human shower gel?

Can human shower gel be used to bathe dogs?

The answer is definitely no. With the above analysis of the difference between dog shower gel and human shower gel, you partly understand why, right?

However, if your dog’s shower gel is out of stock and you haven’t bought it in time, using human shower gel for your dog once or twice won’t have any serious effects, and you don’t need to worry too much. However, if you continue this continuously, it will have a big impact on your dog. Some mild symptoms may only cause a little hair loss and dry skin, more serious symptoms can cause dermatitis, peeling skin, hair falling out in clumps… affecting their health so you should be careful not to. Repeat using human shower gel to bathe your dog regularly!

The best dog shampoos are popular today

1. SOS puppy shower gel

Is a reputable dog and cat shower gel brand originating from Taiwan and extracted from nature to ensure safety when used for pet dogs. It also has a cleansing effect that helps remove dirt, moisturizes skin and fur, and leaves a gentle fragrance for many days.

SOS puppy shower gel
SOS puppy shower gel

2. Bio Care dog shower gel

It is a very popular Vietnamese brand. Products with main ingredients such as: Acid, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Permethrin help effectively treat ticks, lice, and fleas and keep hair soft and smooth without falling out, causing unhygienic conditions in your family.

Bio Care shower gel is effective against lice for cats
Bio Care shower gel is effective against lice for dogs and cats

3. Trixie puppy shower gel

Coming from Germany, the product uses main ingredients of sea buckthorn essential oil, macadamia nuts and fatty acids to help dogs’ skin become healthier, keep fur color from fading, effectively treat ticks and lice and care for dogs. Strong, soft, smooth hair with little shedding. Especially, the fragrance stays for many days for your dog.

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