Can cats eat dog food?

Is it okay to eat dog and cat food? is the question of many people who keep both dogs and cats in the house. So does feeding your cat dog food have any effect on your cat? Let’s find out in the article below!

Dogs and cats are two very popular animals kept in many families today. These two animals are also extremely close to humans, so there are many families raising both animals at the same time. However, whether it is good or not for dogs and cats to share food is something that not everyone knows.

As you know, dogs are omnivores, while cats are extremely picky eaters, they eat quite a bit and mainly eat meat. With this difference, is it okay to feed dogs and cats the same food? To answer this question, let’s first find out what the nutritional needs and food characteristics of dogs and cats are!

What’s the difference between cat and dog food?

Cats eat quite little, the foods they can eat regularly are meat and fish because these foods contain a large amount of protein that is good for the cat’s development. This is the main nutritional ingredient that cats need to supplement every day. In addition, starch and fiber are also needed, but not too much.

Meanwhile, dogs are omnivores, many guard dogs are often fed the family’s leftovers by their owners. There are more starches and fibers in there so they can be digested best.

However, there are many dogs raised as pets that are pampered and their owners also pay special attention to their food. Therefore, they often use dry or wet food for their dogs, which is quite convenient. The nutritional ingredients in the food are also carefully researched to suit each dog breed and the weight and size of the dog accordingly.

Besides dry and wet food for cats, the nutritional ingredients in cat food also best meet their needs.

It can be seen that although the main ingredients of dog and cat food are meat powder, cornstarch, animal products, etc., the proportions are not the same.

What's the difference between cat and dog food?
What’s the difference between cat and dog food?

Should we use dog food for cats? Let’s find out more!

Can cats eat dog food?

Back to the main topic, can cats eat dog food? then the answer is yes. Because dog food is okay to feed to cats because the ingredients are the same and safe. However, only feed in emergency cases when you have not yet prepared separate food for the cat. You can feed the cat 1-2 meals temporarily, but do not feed the cat for a long time and continuously, it is not good for the cat. Please.

Therefore, as mentioned above, although the ingredients are not different, the ratio of ingredients is different. Cats need a lot of protein while dogs need a lot of starch and fiber. If your cat eats dog food regularly, it will cause the cat to become weak and weak and unable to develop well.

Therefore, you should prepare separate and suitable food for cats to best ensure their development. Below we will introduce to you some of the best dry foods for cats today.

What type of dry cat food is best?

1. Minio cat food

Minino is the most prestigious and famous French cat food brand. The parent company of Minino cat food is the extremely famous Neovia Group with more than 60 years of experience in the pet food field.

Minino cat food is full of nutrients such as protein, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Nutritional content is scientifically calculated by experts to suit each age and stage of development of the cat.

Minino cat food has high nutritional value
Minino cat food has high nutritional value

Minino cat food includes main ingredients such as rice, wheat, soybean powder; fish oil, fish meal, poultry fat, taurine, minerals, vitamins, calcium, biotin, antioxidants, Folic acid, Yucca Schidigera extract…

The perfect combination of the above food ingredients will create the perfect food product to help cats stay healthy and develop maximally.

2. Catsrang cat food

Catsrang cat food is extremely rich in nutrients: protein: 31%; fat: 12%; fiber: 3.5%; Humidity: <10%. Cat food is a product intended for cat breeds. "" in all "" different ages" "produce", "eat" foods that are best" and most suitable" for people. the="" cats="" on="" 3="" months="">10%.>

catsrang cat food
catsrang cat food

Catsrang food contains vitamins A, E, C, D, B, taurine and essential nutrients to help increase resistance and strengthen the immune system to keep cats away from disease and illness.

Scientifically calculated and balanced nutritional content helps prevent night blindness and improve cats’ fur and skin.

Omega helps nourish and care for cats’ fur to be healthy and shiny.

The food size is moderate and easy to chew, so it is suitable for both young cats and old cats with weak teeth and jaw bones.

Helps cats pass solid stools and minimize unpleasant stool odors.

Able to remove hairballs in cats’ stomachs.

Catsrang cat food helps limit some intestinal diseases in cats such as worms and tapeworms.

Convenient, doesn’t take time to prepare and cook cat food every day.

The manufacturer confirms that it does not use food flavorings or preservatives.

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