Bose L1 Pro: Powerful, highly practical PA system!

If you’re looking for a lightweight, highly versatile PA system, the Bose L1 Pro with L options! Pro8, L1 Pro16 and L1 Pro32 with Sub2 subwoofer may be the perfect suggestion.

Primarily selling home audio systems, Bose does not typically offer products for professional performance purposes. However, in 2003, the company took its first step into the world of professional audio with a line array system that still stands today, the Bose L1 series.

This is a portable speaker system conceptualized and designed by Cliff Henricksen and Ken Jacob, it compensated for the disadvantages of most PA systems (Public Address Systems) at that time – mobility. Because of the success of Bose L1, the line of performance speakers is increasingly developed, a series of similar products are born and have developed into a separate sound system.

Bose L1 Pro: Powerful, highly practical PA system!
Bose L1 Pro is a highly portable PA speaker system with classy sound (Photo: Bose).

Following the success of L1, in 2020, Bose launched a new version called L1 Pro with many new features and improvements. This line has a total of 5 products: L1 Pro8, L1 Pro16 and L1 Pro32 along with two subwoofers Sub1 and Sub2.

In this article, I won’t go too deeply into its technical details and features, just giving readers an overview of some of its main improvements.

1. Improvements of Bose L1 Pro

The exterior appearance of L1 Pro8, L1 Pro16 and L1 Pro32 is designed to be luxurious and sophisticated, enhancing the classy beauty of the line array speakers. Suitable for family spaces that want to use a simple speaker device, without being fussy about hanging speaker hooks and complicated wiring.

Notably, Bose has developed a new subwoofer design for the L1 Pro system called RaceTrack. This technology optimizes the focus of saving space and area, is more compact than large subwoofers but still has the same powerful performance.

Bose L1 Pro: Powerful, highly practical PA system!
RaceTrack design optimizes the focus for the woofer, compact size but still powerful performance (Photo: Bose).

In addition, all three portable Bose speaker models have a built-in mixer, providing EQ, reverb, and phantom power settings. In addition, it also has full connection ports to easily pair with musical instruments, karaoke microphones or audio sources. On the other hand, if desired, users can also connect Bose L1 Pro to the dedicated mixer T4S (4 channels) or TS8 (8 channels) via the dedicated ToneMatch port.

Bose L1 Pro: Powerful, highly practical PA system!
The audio mixer is built into the Bose L1 Pro (Photo: Bose).

Another important improvement of the Bose L1 Pro is the ability to stream audio directly from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth. Bose also offers the L1 Mix app, which allows users to remotely adjust the sound from their mobile device.

Overall, the similarity of these three portable PA systems is that they are designed to provide flexibility for artists, suitable for a variety of spaces and different audiences.

2. Advantages and practical applications of Bose L1 Pro

2.1. Bose L1 Pro8 – Ultimate portability!

The Bose L1 Pro8 is the most portable model, weighing 17.7kg, making it ideal for small coffee shop performances or adding a touch of class to your home entertainment space.

Bose L1 Pro: Powerful, highly practical PA system!
Bose L1 Pro8 speaker, ultimate portability (Photo: Bose).

The speaker’s design includes 8 neodymium drivers and C-shape coverage, 180-degree horizontal coverage and 40-degree vertical dispersion, allowing listeners to hear sound clearly whether sitting or standing in places. different locations.

Bose L1 Pro: Powerful, highly practical PA system!
Coverage of Bose L1 Pro8 (Photo: Bose).

The entire speaker array will be placed on a 7-inch x 13-inch RaceTrack subwoofer with performance comparable to a conventional 12-inch subwoofer.

2.2. Bose L1 Pro16 – The most balanced!

This model is top-rated for its expert balance of power and portability, creating a streamlined system with high power and extended low frequencies.

Bose L1 Pro: Powerful, highly practical PA system!
Bose L1 Pro16 speaker, the best balance between performance and portability (Photo: Bose).

Weighing only 24.4kg, Bose L1 Pro16 is perfectly suitable for DJs, singers, musicians, and bands performing at clubs and bars of small and medium size. The line array of the L1 Pro16 is J-shaped, comes with 16 neodymium speakers, 180-degree coverage, vertical sound coverage covers the top, wide dispersion at the bottom to cover the audience.

Bose L1 Pro: Powerful, highly practical PA system!
Coverage of Bose L1 Pro16 (Photo: Bose).

The array design is also mounted on a 10-inch x 18-inch subwoofer, featuring RaceTrack with bass frequencies down to 42Hz, performance competitive with conventional 15-inch subwoofers.

2.3. Bose L1 Pro32 – The pinnacle of PA systems!

Model L1 Pro32 is an independent column speaker system consisting of 32 2-inch neodymium speakers, but it does not have a subwoofer included like the Pro8 or Pro16 and must be purchased separately. You can choose between Sub1 (40Hz low bass range) or Sub2 (37Hz low bass range). These two subwoofers share the same RaceTrack design and can receive both power and signal directly from the L1 Pro32 via the exclusive SubMatch cable.

Bose L1 Pro: Powerful, highly practical PA system!
Bose L1 Pro32 speaker, the highest point of the line (Photo: Bose).

The weight of L1 Pro32 is only about 13kg, while the weight of Sub1 is 16.1kg, Sub2 is 23.4kg, still very flexible. It gives DJs, singers, musicians and bands an unrivaled portable PA system with powerful bass, suitable for medium to large scale events such as weddings and festivals.

Its horizontal coverage is also 180 degrees, full vertical coverage, and is capable of achieving maximum sound pressure levels at long distances. Even in the hidden corners of the performance venue, the sound can still spread with exquisite detail and high consistency.

Bose L1 Pro: Powerful, highly practical PA system!
Coverage of Bose L1 Pro32 (Photo: Bose).

If you love Bose audio products, especially Bose L1 Pro, stop by the An Tuan showroom at 379 Vong Street, Dong Tam Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, City. Hanoi to experience. There is a promotional program here so users can own this classy PA system at a super attractive price. Specifically:

Bose L1 Pro: Powerful, highly practical PA system!
Set up Bose L1 Pro speaker system for customers (Photo: An Tuan).

Bose L1 Pro: Powerful, highly practical PA system!
Installing Bose L1 Pro to serve customers’ karaoke needs (Photo: An Tuan).

And there are many other attractive audio products at An Tuan waiting for you to discover!

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