Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher – Perfect solution for smart kitchens

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Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher with beautiful design and many modern features will definitely be a necessary device for your family. Let’s review this product in detail with

1. Design of Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher

The Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher has a modern and luxurious exterior design with dimensions of 845 x 600 x 600mm and weight of 51.9kg, so the machine is suitable for many different kitchen spaces. The product is designed in an independent design so people can easily move flexibly and install it according to their wishes and kitchen design.

Moreover, in addition to independent installation, you can also install it recessed into the kitchen cabinet to make the space more neat. Bosch SMS2IVI61E not only helps reduce household chores for users, but it also helps highlight your family’s kitchen space.

The product possesses a luxurious and sophisticated silver color. The surface of the machine is made from high-quality stainless steel that is resistant to fingerprints so that the machine always maintains a beautiful shine like new.

Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher - Perfect solution for smart kitchens
Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher has a modern and luxurious exterior design (photo: dienmayxanh).

2. Dishwasher performance

The capacity of this Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher reaches 2400W. Water consumption is about 9.5L per washing cycle. With such performance, the Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher can wash 13 sets of European dishes (~ 3 – 4 Vietnamese meals).

With such a large capacity and capacity, this product is completely suitable for families with 4 – 6 members. Just one wash is enough to clean a whole day’s worth of dishes. This helps people save energy and water consumption, but still maximize the dishwasher’s performance.

The Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher has an operating noise level of about 42dB (~the sound of rain falling), so it will not cause noisy or unpleasant noises that affect the activities of all family members while working. need time to rest.

3. Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher possesses modern features

3.1. 5 basic programs according to user needs

The Bosch SMS2IVI61E 13-set dishwasher is equipped with 5 basic washing programs so people can freely choose according to their needs. These programs include:

  • Eco 50°C (Eco wash 50°C)
  • Auto 45-65°C (Automatic wash 45-65°C)
  • Intensive 70°C (Intensive wash 70°C)
  • Quick 65ºC (Quick wash 65ºC)
  • Favorite (Favorite)
Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher - Perfect solution for smart kitchens
Bosch SMS2IVI61E 13-set dishwasher is equipped with 5 basic washing programs by the manufacturer (photo: dienmayxanh).

3.2. Favorite

This Favorite program helps users simply set up settings and most used features to create their favorite options. Programming settings can be installed via the Home Connect app or you can also install directly on the dishwasher. Settings will be personalized with just one touch.

3.3. ActiveWater

ActiveWater technology helps save energy while still providing excellent performance. The results will come from the modern, smart designs that manufacturer Bosch has created such as water injection systems, quick heat reduction systems, fast pressure pump systems, and filtration systems. All create the ability to help reduce water consumption.

3.4. Dosage Assistant

The Dosage assistant detergent distribution system is equipped on this dishwasher to provide maximum cleaning ability for dishes inside the machine, when used with detergent tablets. During the washing process, the detergent will fall into the special compartment in the tray above and here the system will automatically mix the detergent tablets with the ability to control the appropriate amount of detergent for the amount of dishes inside. From there, you will be sure to clean all items much more effectively.

3.5. Home Connect technology

This Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher belonging to the Bosch brand has made housework easier for users. With the Home Connect application connected via mobile phone or tablet device, you can control the product remotely very conveniently. Specifically, with this Home Connect application, people can control the dishwasher without having to directly touch the machine.

  • Update electricity and water consumption: All parameters about electricity and water consumption on the dishwasher will be updated and sent to the user’s phone.
  • All activities and status of the machine such as which program is being used, detergent status, etc. will be notified to the Home Connect application on the phone.
  • Activate washing programs: Sometimes people encounter situations where they have arranged all the dirty dishes and pots in the dishwasher but forgot to start the machine. At this time, people just need to take out their mobile device and press activate the program right on the application.
Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher - Perfect solution for smart kitchens
The capacity of this Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher reaches 2400W (photo: dienmayxanh).

3.6. Extra Dry

With Extra Dry technology, people will no longer need to wipe their dishes and chopsticks dry after each end of the dishwashing process. This modern drying feature equipped on the Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher has done this for everyone.

When you select this drying feature, the temperature inside the chamber will increase to 70°C at the last wash cycle and last for 10 minutes. The water vapor remaining on the surface of the dish will evaporate. Furthermore, the engine compartment is also dried at this time, helping to avoid creating a humid environment that can easily breed mold.

3.7. Speed ​​Perfect Plus washes quickly

With this automatic dishwashing product, the manufacturer is equipped with the Speed ​​Perfect Plus feature to help wash faster and optimize up to 75% of the time, but the dish cleaning performance is always guaranteed to be of the best quality. If you have a large party at home, then choosing this feature of the machine will definitely be necessary, then you can comfortably eat, drink, and rest without worrying about wasting a lot of time. washing dishes after the party is over.

3.8. Use safely

Water leaks always make people worry when using technological equipment such as dishwashers. But with this Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher, you can completely rest assured about this issue. The product can detect water leaks in pipes or in the engine compartment and the system will immediately automatically shut off the water source to ensure user safety and avoid unfortunate situations from occurring.

Reference price of Bosch SMS2IVI61E independent dishwasher is 14,200,000 VND

Through the article above, everyone must have a better understanding of the Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher. The product possesses a modern independent design combined with powerful washing capacity and many smart features. This will definitely be a necessary device for your family.

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