Bosch PXY821DX6E: High-end induction cooker, top technology

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The Bosch PXY821DX6E induction cooker is one of the outstanding products of the Bosch brand. The product is equipped with many modern features such as PowerBoost, PerfectCook Ready, PerfectFry and Home Connect,… Join to learn more about this product.

1. Bosch PXY821DX6E induction cooker has a unique design

The Bosch PXY821DX6E is a groundbreaking product. The kitchen is designed with 4 conventional cooking zones but can be combined into 2 expanded cooking zones. The kitchen has a luxurious black color, with delicate four-sided edges, suitable for any modern kitchen space. The under-counter installation design helps the kitchen become neat, sophisticated, and easy to clean.

When using the Bosch PXY821DX6E induction cooker, you can choose and use pots and pans of various sizes, from large diameter cooking pots to oval or rectangular pots.

Bosch PXY821DX6E: High-end induction cooker, top technology
Bosch PXY821DX6E induction cooker has a unique design (Photo: Bosch).

2. DirectSelect Premium Control Panel

The Bosch PXY821DX6E 4-zone induction cooker with DirectSelect Premium control panel truly delivers the ultimate cooking experience. With this control panel, you just need to tap to select the desired power level or activate additional functions, making cooking easier and more enjoyable. The intelligent user interface shows only the functions you really need, avoiding clutter and ensuring that every operation is simple and efficient. This DirectSelect Premium control panel is 30cm long, spacious and easy to use so you can adjust power levels and additional functions intuitively and quickly.

Another highlight of the DirectSelect Premium control panel is the ability to completely hide functions when the stove is turned off. When not in use, the control interface disappears, leaving behind a clean and elegant kitchen surface. This design not only creates a modern and neat kitchen space but also makes cleaning the kitchen easier.

3. HomeConnect feature on Bosch PXY821DX6E induction cooker

The Bosch brand has equipped the Bosch PXY821DX6E induction cooker with one of the outstanding features in terms of connection for kitchen appliances. Through the Home Connect app, you can easily control and monitor your device remotely using just a smartphone or tablet. That means you can manage your cooking wherever you are in the house, or even when you’re not at home.

One of the highlights of the HomeConnect application is the ability to connect and control devices by voice through virtual assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant. You can command the induction cooker with just your voice, giving you more time and freedom to do other things. For example, you can ask Alexa to adjust the temperature or turn the stove on/off without having to directly touch the control panel. However, this smart solution may vary by country and region, so please check availability before using.

In addition, the Home Connect feature also provides notifications about the kitchen’s operating status directly to the device. You will receive immediate information about any problems or maintenance requests, helping you save time and avoid unwanted situations. It will also suggest recipes, cooking plans and energy management, helping you optimize the cooking process and save money.

Bosch PXY821DX6E: High-end induction cooker, top technology
Bosch PXY821DX6E 4-zone induction cooker with DirectSelect Premium control panel (Photo: Bosch).

4. MoveMode feature

When using the MoveMode feature of the Bosch PXY821DX6E multi-zone induction cooker, you will feel like you are a professional chef. If before you had to constantly adjust the cooking power from high to low in stages to get the dish cooked evenly, with MoveMode, all these complications will no longer exist.

When the MoveMode feature is activated, the cooking zone will be divided into three zones with preset power levels. Specifically, the front area of ​​the stove will be set at high power level for boiling, the middle area at medium level for cooking and the back area at low power level for simmering. You simply move the pot from one area to another without having to change any settings.

5. Bosch PXY821DX6E induction cooker integrates the Extended Flexzone feature

This feature will give you the freedom to use the cookware regardless of its size or shape. You will not be limited by the size of fixed cooking zones but can use pots and pans of all different sizes, from small pots, round pans up to 30cm in diameter or long utensils such as 40cm grill.

Bosch PXY821DX6E: High-end induction cooker, top technology
Bosch PXY821DX6E induction cooker integrates Extended Flexzone feature (Photo: Bosch).

6. PerfectCook Ready and PerfectFry features

The Bosch PXY821DX6E induction cooker uses the PerfectCook sensor to control cooking temperature. This sensor is built into the kitchen. When using the PerfectCook Ready feature, this sensor will automatically adjust the cooking temperature, food is always at the ideal temperature, without overcooking or letting food boil over. From there, the food retains its flavor and nutrients.

Correct temperature is also a key factor when frying. Temperatures that are too high can burn food or cause the dish to lose its deliciousness. Therefore, the PerfectFry feature will help you adjust and maintain constant temperature throughout the cooking process. Whether you want to fry your steak rare, medium rare, or well done, this feature can help you achieve your desired results.

7. Bosch PXY821DX6E has PowerBoost feature

This is a great solution for those who need to speed up cooking. When this feature is activated, the stove will be energized to heat water extremely quickly. In fact, the PowerBoost feature can help you boil water nearly 35% faster than the stove’s highest power level at normal times. If you need to boil a lot of water or heat food in a short time, you won’t need to wait any longer.

The Bosch PXY821DX6E induction cooker still has many other unique and safe features. The kitchen has a quite high price, about more than 40 million VND. However, with these smart and safe features, the Bosch PXY821DX6E induction cooker is truly a worthy investment for your kitchen.

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