Bosch PXE601DC1E induction cooker: 4 flexible cooking zones, powerful capacity

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The Bosch PXE601DC1E induction cooker is currently increasingly being chosen by a large number of Vietnamese consumers because of its beautiful design as well as many smart features. Join to learn more about this product line.

1. Design of Bosch PXE601DC1E induction cooker

The design of the Bosch induction cooker is one of the factors that the manufacturer Bosch always pays special attention to in all its products to bring a more classy kitchen space to the family kitchen. Therefore, the design of the Bosch PXE601DC1E induction cooker is no exception.

Bosch PXE601DC1E has dimensions of 56 x 572 x 512mm (Height x Width x Depth), weight 15.3kg. The four sides of the stove are made of soft curved stainless steel, bringing elegant and sophisticated beauty to the induction stove. The kitchen frame is designed flat, almost horizontal to the table top, helping to create a harmonious whole.

Design of Bosch PXE601DC1E induction cooker
Design of Bosch PXE601DC1E induction cooker (Photo: Bosch).

The surface of the Bosch PXE601DC1E 4-zone induction cooker is finished from high-quality German Schott Ceran glass with the main material being Ceramic. This glass surface has a shiny black color that can be seen through like other regular black glass surfaces, but it is superior in its ability to withstand heat and force extremely well. Besides helping to beautify the kitchen space, the device is also easy to clean and quick to clean.

The Bosch PXE601DC1E induction cooker is designed with 4 cooking zones, including 2 cooking zones of different sizes and 2 multi-point cooking zones (easily combined into one) to help users cook many dishes at the same time. a time.

The ability to combine cooking zones will make changing from a small pot to a large pot easier. During cooking, people can completely move the pot on the kitchen surface without worrying about the bottom of the pot being deviated from the cooking area because the magnetic field transfers heat to the bottom of the pot.

2. Operating capacity of Bosch PXE601DC1E

Bosch PXE601DC1E induction cooker with 4 cooking zones design (2 large and small zones and 2 multi-point zones) also offers the following power levels:

  • The small cooking area is 14.5cm in size and has a capacity of 1400W (max 2200W).
  • The large cooking area is 21cm in size and has a capacity of 2200W (max 3700W).
  • 2 multi-point cooking zones measuring 2 x (19x24cm) with a capacity of 2200W (max 3700W)
  • The multi-point cooking zone (FlexInduction mode) has a size of 38x24cm and reaches a capacity of 3300W (max 3700W).

With a total capacity of the stove reaching 7400W, everyone can prepare many dishes much easier and faster.

Furthermore, the Bosch PXE601DC1E induction cooker is also equipped with a power range with 17 heating levels corresponding to 17 different cooking programs, helping users prepare a variety of delicious dishes in the shortest time.

Operating capacity of Bosch PXE601DC1E
Operating capacity of Bosch PXE601DC1E (Photo: Bosch).

3. Bosch PXE601DC1E induction cooker possesses modern features

The Bosch PXE601DC1E 4-zone induction cooker, in addition to its classy design, also has many smart features such as:

3.1. Premium DirectSelect Control

The Bosch PXE601DC1E induction cooker is equipped with an extremely modern Premium DirectSelect Control control panel. This control panel is special when the user starts the stove, it will appear with very clear image quality, but when you turn it off, the control panel will completely disappear and can no longer be seen. Because Bosch has removed the screen print from the control panel and left only the on/off button. This will help the kitchen be more minimalist but extremely modern. All touch operations are very sensitive, users only need one touch to customize the kitchen without having to press many times like with other kitchen appliances.

3.2. Keep food warm

The Bosch PXE601DC1E induction cooker has a built-in food keeping feature. This function is very suitable for cases where the user has finished cooking the dish but does not want to eat it yet. So family meals will always be guaranteed to be hot and delicious.

3.3. PerfectFy sensor

Temperature is a significant influence on the quality of food. If the temperature is too high, the fried food may burn, dry out, or it may burn on the outside but still be bright red on the inside.

With the PerfectFy sensor, this feature will continuously monitor, check and measure the temperature of the frying pan. Cooks can choose from 5 preset heat levels to have the most perfect fried/stir-fried/grilled dish. So fried food is guaranteed to be cooked evenly and retain its delicious flavor.

Bosch PXE601DC1E induction cooker is equipped with an extremely modern Premium DirectSelect Control control panel.
The Bosch PXE601DC1E induction cooker is equipped with an extremely modern Premium DirectSelect Control control panel (Photo: Bosch).

3.4. PanBoost

PanBoost is a dedicated feature that helps the pan/pot heat up faster without fear of the pan being damaged by too high a temperature. People can select the PanBoost feature right at the control panel of the induction cooker. The pan can be used for quick frying/cooking in just 30 seconds.

3.5. Use pots/pans with magnetic bottoms

To cook on the Bosch PXE601DC1E induction stove, people need to choose pots and pans with magnetic bases such as iron enamel, cast iron, stainless steel, etc., then the stove will receive and transfer heat to the bottom of the pot to cook food.

3.6. Safety features

Ensuring user safety is always Bosch’s top priority. Therefore, the BOSCH PXE601DC1E induction cooker is integrated with many additional safety features to protect people and equipment such as:

  • Residual heat warning light: If the (H/h) indicator light is on the screen, the cooking area on the stove is still hot above 60 degrees (H) and is still warm at a temperature below 60 degrees (h).
  • Child lock: This is the function to lock all programs on the stove to prevent children from accidentally activating and changing the stove settings and causing danger to the baby.
  • ON/OFF switch: This is a switch that helps turn off all cooking zones with just one touch.
  • Lock the control panel: Lock all buttons for 30 seconds so people can clean up spilled water during the boiling process without fear of burns.
  • Turns off automatically when the temperature is too high: The stove will automatically turn off the power when it detects too much heat.

With high-quality household appliances from reputable brands like this Bosch PXE601DC1E induction cooker, everyone should absolutely consider buying it to not only help change the look of the kitchen space but also have more cooking experience. more convenient.

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