Be wary of cheap ‘air conditioners without heaters’ priced at only 500,000 VND

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Thinking of buying a cheap 2-way air conditioner, but the air conditioner does not heat up, many buyers feel disappointed even though the selling price is only about 500,000 VND.

The weather is hot with high temperatures beyond the body’s tolerance level and is forecast to increase further in the summer. This is the reason why many people, especially students and low-income people, look for effective but cheap cooling solutions.

One of the new products that many people have spent money on recently is “Air conditioner without heater“. However, is this device actually as effective as advertised by the seller? Join us to find out and give yourself the answer.

Beware of
Jiashi heat-free air conditioner (Photo: Shopee).
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1. What is a heat-free air conditioner? Is cooling effective?

The line of heat-free air conditioners widely sold on e-commerce platforms is a product of the Jiashi brand from China. The Jiashi line of heat-free air conditioners is sold at prices starting from only 345,000 – 540,000 VND depending on the size of the product.

With a low price and the seller named it “Air conditioner” as well as ranked it in the “Air conditioner” category, many consumers quickly considered this a bargain because they thought it was a bargain. the “super cheap 2-way air conditioner” and quickly purchased it.

However, most buyers rated “1 star” after the product arrived. A part gave 1 star because the delivered goods were broken or distorted, while a large part rated it as “not as cool as advertised”.

Beware of
Buyer’s assessment on the quality of air conditioners without hot spots (Photo: Screenshot).
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In fact, according to our research, this heat-free air conditioner is simply a fan in the shape of a wall-mounted air conditioner unit, with a heating function (like a heating fan). This has confused buyers into thinking that this is the air conditioner currently sold on the market.

In addition, the seller (Shopee Mall store – a reputable store guaranteed by Shopee) only introduces products that “warm in winter and cool in summer”. The product catalog only mentions heating and cooling efficiency, but does not mention refrigerant gas cooling. However, the confusing product naming and wrong product classification are the main factors that make many buyers think that this is a wall-mounted air conditioner.

Beware of
The product is confusingly named (Photo: Screenshot).
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Therefore, if customers are planning to buy this heat-free air conditioner product, they need to be very careful and read the seller’s description carefully to ensure they buy the right product as they desire.

2. Is there a cheap air conditioner worth 500,000 VND?

The answer is NO

Air conditioner is a device with a very complex structure with a compressor system, radiator, heat exchanger… to cool or heat the air in the room. Because the components are expensive, along with the complex structure, the cheapest air conditioner price is no less than 4 million VND.

Even when buying a used air conditioner, the price ranges from 3 million VND or more. So it is impossible for a cheap air conditioner to cost 500,000 VND.

3. Cheap and effective cooling solution for summer

For students renting houses, or people with low incomes, you can choose the following cheap and effective cooling solutions:

3.1 Air conditioning fan combined with ice

The price of air conditioner fans on the market today ranges from only 1.2 million VND. This device has a vertical rectangular box design, comes with wheels and uses the principle of steam cooling combined with a fan. With the principle of steam cooling, the air conditioning fan can lower the room temperature by 3-5 degrees Celsius as long as the humidity in the air is not too high.

Beware of
Use air conditioning fans with ice to increase cooling efficiency (Photo: Summary).
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On extremely hot days up to 39 – 40 degrees Celsius, users can buy dry ice or ice cubes in the water tray to create a cooler breeze for the room.

However, users should also note that air conditioner fans cannot be as cool as air conditioners, and when using them, they need to open the door to increase cooling efficiency.

3.2 Buy cheap air conditioners

In the past few years, with the appearance of many manufacturers, the price of air conditioners has also decreased a lot compared to before. Currently, with a price of only 4-5 million VND, consumers can buy a cheap air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 9000 BTU or 12000 BTU for rooms under 20m2.

Customers can refer to the article TOP 10 cheap air conditioners under 5 million VND in 2024 to discover the right model.

In addition, choosing to buy used air conditioners is also a quite good solution for users’ cheap cooling needs. When buying a used air conditioner, buyers need to pay close attention to finding a reputable seller to ensure the product runs smoothly, and should choose products from famous and durable brands such as Daikin and Panasonic.

Of course, buying cheap air conditioners will save money, but users will also have to pay extra for electricity to use the air conditioner every month. However, investing in your health is never too much, so you don’t need to worry too much.

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