Aqua top-load washing machine 7.2kg AQW-S72CT costs only 3 million VND but does extremely ‘good’ laundry

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The Aqua top-load washing machine AQW-S72CT not only has a top-load design that optimizes space but also has a small washing volume of only 7.2kg, making it a perfect, economical choice for young singles and students.

1. 6 outstanding features of the Aqua top-load washing machine AQW-S72CT

If you are a student renting a house, single or sharing a room but have little laundry needs Aqua AQW-S72CT washing machine is the top choice to consider if you want to buy a compact washing machine that washes well and saves electricity and water. Let’s explore 6 outstanding advantages of this model right below.

1.1 Compact, novel and scientific design

The top-loading Aqua washing machine AQW-S72CT stands out with an elegant gray-white color scheme and square edges creating a compact feel. Possessing a height of 93cm, width of 56.3cm and depth of 56.9cm, it will not take up too much room space, suitable for installation in modest spaces such as bathrooms and balconies.

The washing machine door is made of transparent tempered glass for easy viewing of the washing cycle, and has an anti-collapse mechanism for gentle operation, reduced noise and durability over time. However, if your hand slips at a close distance, it will still make a loud noise.

Aqua top-load washing machine 7.2kg AQW-S72CT costs only 3 million VND but washes extremely well.
Aqua washing machine AQW-S72CT (Photo:

Unlike other top-loading washing machine models on the market today, Aqua top-load washing machine AQW-S72CT There are differences in color and control panel layout. Normally, the control panel will be located in front or behind the washing machine lid in a horizontal row. In this top-load Aqua 7.2kg washing machine, the control buttons will be arranged vertically and located on the right side of the washing machine lid. This will help reduce the risk that water from clothes when removed from the washing drum can flow down to the circuit board, leading to damage over time. Not only that, the design on the side will also be more convenient for consumers to control at any time, even when the machine door is open.

The buttons stand out with different color tones: copper yellow, orange, black, creating a new look and helping users easily recognize the functions of the keys quickly. All the keys have Vietnamese letters printed large, clear, and sharp, so they are easy to use, even for beginners or older people using a washing machine for the first time.

Aqua top-load washing machine 7.2kg AQW-S72CT costs only 3 million VND but washes extremely well.
Vertical control panel (Photo: Dien May Xanh)

1.2 Small washing volume of 7.2kg does not cause waste

Very few washing machines on the market today have a washing capacity of about 7kg to meet the needs of single people and students living alone. Most of these people, when choosing to buy a washing machine, have to buy a mini washing machine with a small washing load of 3-5kg, high price, but sometimes it will not be able to meet the washing needs on days with a lot of laundry. Or you have to choose to buy an 8kg top-load washing machine instead, but it doesn’t use its full capacity, causing waste.

So, Aqua washing machine AQW-S72CT 7.2 kg This will be the perfect choice to help you meet the daily needs of one person or even when storing laundry for 2-3 days, washing thick blankets, etc.

1.3 Extremely dry spin saves drying time for busy people

This Aqua 7.5kg vertical drum washing machine improves the ability to dry clothes thanks to circular motion at a fast speed of up to 775 rpm, helping your clothes to be optimally dried and shortening drying time. This feature is very suitable for use during the rainy season or for young people who are busy, have little time to dry, or live in areas with little sunlight. Meanwhile, current conventional top-loading washing machines only have a maximum speed of 700 rpm.

1.4 Auto-restart mode saves power

When a normal washing machine suddenly has a power outage in the middle of washing, when the power is restored, the machine has to start the cycle again from the beginning, causing waste and time. Now, the Aqua AQW-S72CT front-loading washing machine will help you solve the above problem with the ability to remember and automatically continue the ongoing washing cycle before disconnecting the power so that the washing machine can operate normally, limiting the risk. mechanical damage due to frequent sudden power outages.

1.5 Meets many washing needs with 7 modes

The 7.5kg Aqua AQW-S72CT washing machine is equipped with 7 different washing modes: standard wash, quick wash, strong wash, gentle wash, soak wash, spin, and ultra-dry to help you meet all your washing needs. You can choose quick washing for lightly soiled clothes that need to be used urgently, strong washing, soaking washing for heavily soiled clothes, etc. Avoid damage and better protect the fabric.

1.6 Smart controller simplifies operations

Neuro & Fuzzy control panel on Aqua vertical door washing machine 7.2kg AQW-S72CT capable of calculating the optimal amount of electricity and water needed based on the volume of clothes. From there, propose the best washing cycle to save electricity and water for users and shorten manual parameter adjustment operations.

2. Consumer reviews on the quality of the Aqua top-load washing machine AQW-S72CT

Overall, with its low price, the Aqua top-load washing machine AQW-S72CT satisfies the common laundry needs of single people who need simple laundry. If you are still skeptical about the true quality of the product, you can see more reviews from customers who have purchased and used them, searched and compiled by as follows:

Aqua top-load washing machine 7.2kg AQW-S72CT costs only 3 million VND but washes extremely well.
Review of the Aqua top-load washing machine AQW-S72CT (Photo: Nguyen Kim)

Most of the feedback about the Aqua AQW-S72CT 7.2 kg washing machine are positive reviews. The machine is rated for clean, quiet washing with a simple, easy-to-use design.

3. Current selling price of Aqua top-load washing machine AQW-S72CT

Listed selling price of Aqua AQW-S72CT top-load washing machine 7.2kg genuine is 3,790,000 VND. But in reality, the current selling price of the product is much cheaper with the lowest price from only 2.5 million VND (May 13, 2024) according to data compiled from reputable sellers by Websosanh. VN.

Overall, this is a very cheap price for a washing machine product with good washing ability, moderate volume and extremely dry spinning ability. This price is even cheaper than some mini washing machine models on the market today that only have a washing capacity of 3-5kg. So if you live alone and want to buy a washing machine, you can refer to this Aqua washing machine product.

And although it has been launched since 2019, with the fact that it is still widely sold and has a warranty, users can also feel completely secure when choosing this 7.5kg top-load Aqua AQW-S72CT washing machine to use. use.

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