Advantages and disadvantages of LG Inverter 9kg FV1409S4M horizontal drum washing machine

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The LG Inverter 9kg FV1409S4M front-load washing machine was introduced in 2023 but is still being sold very popularly at electronics stores and dealers across the country. However, is this LG washing machine a good choice at the present time? Let’s evaluate the pros and cons in the article below.

1. Advantages of LG Inverter 9kg FV1409S4M horizontal drum washing machine

Any washing machine model has different advantages and disadvantages, even expensive high-end models, not just the LG FV1409S4M 9kg washing machine with a cheap price of only 6 million VND. Below are the outstanding advantages of this product compared to other models in the same price range and classification of the 9kg washing machine you may need.

1.1 Compact design, easy to move for even women

LG Inverter 9kg front load washing machine FV1409S4M The size is neither too big nor too small with a height of 85cm, width 58.5cm and depth 61.2cm, so it is suitable for many different housing spaces. In particular, the weight of the entire frame and internal engine weighs only 62kg, while other 9kg models usually range from 67-72kg, so it will be easier for you to move the machine for cleaning or moving. At home, even women can do it themselves.

Under the 4 tripods there are rubber feet to help prevent slipping and scratching the floor, and the height can be adjusted according to desired and space used.

Advantages and disadvantages of LG Inverter 9kg FV1409S4M horizontal drum washing machine
LG Inverter 9kg front load washing machine FV1409S4M (Photo: Dien may Xanh)

1.2 Smooth washing with high-end technology duo: Direct drive + Inverter

A special advantage of LG Inverter 9kg washing machine FV1409S4M What many consumers love, especially in homes with young children or apartments, is that it integrates both a direct drive motor and Inverter technology. Thanks to that, your washing machine will effectively reduce vibration and noise even when spinning at high speed.

Therefore, you will be able to comfortably use the washing machine in any free time without worrying about affecting your neighbors.

1.3 Good spinning speed up to 1400 rpm saves maximum drying time

Normally, cheap front-load washing machine models in the same price range usually only have a maximum spinning speed of up to 1200 rpm and are rarely equipped with a direct drive motor. Therefore, if you own it LG Inverter 9kg FV1409S4M Then you will fully enjoy both of these outstanding features in the same product.

By achieving a high number of rotations, this LG 9kg washing machine not only has optimal washing and spinning efficiency, but is also extremely stable and durable during long-term use.

1.4 Equipped with up to 14 flexible washing programs

With a washing capacity of 9kg and the number of built-in washing programs up to 14 different modes, users can wash all types of clothes for family members of 3-5 people. These separate modes will help wash clothes better without damaging the fabric surface.

In addition, users can also choose 6 different washing water temperature levels to optimize cleaning efficiency if the clothes are highly dirty.

Advantages and disadvantages of LG Inverter 9kg FV1409S4M horizontal drum washing machine
14 washing programs of LG Inverter 9kg FV1409S4M washing machine (Photo: Dien may Xanh)

1.5 The washing drum expands but the size is still compact

Upgrading the washing drum to a larger one without changing the size of the machine helps create more space for clothes to be stirred, mixed, and rubbed. From there, it brings better washing efficiency LG washing machine FV1409S4M but does not take up space.

Advantages and disadvantages of LG Inverter 9kg FV1409S4M horizontal drum washing machine
The washing drum is larger but the size has not changed (Photo:

1.6 Possesses many modern technologies

Smart AI DD technology makes washing simpler but more effective

With AI DD technology, this LG inverter washing machine can automatically measure clothes weight and fabric material to suggest the optimal washing program. Thanks to that, your clothes are not only cleaned better but also protect the fabric up to 18% better than with a conventional washing machine.

Advantages and disadvantages of LG Inverter 9kg FV1409S4M horizontal drum washing machine
AI DD technology (Photo: Dien May Xanh)

Steam cleaning Steam kills bacteria and reduces wrinkles

Using hot steam in the washing drum to penetrate deeper into each fabric fiber helps remove 99.9% of allergens, protecting the health of the skin in environments full of fine dust like today. Not only that, this hot steam also helps clothes become less wrinkled.

Advantages and disadvantages of LG Inverter 9kg FV1409S4M horizontal drum washing machine
Steam cleaning Steam disinfects (Photo:

1.7 Can be controlled by voice

For those who love technology and convenient life, it definitely cannot be missed LG AI DD Inverter 9kg washing machine FV1409S4M. This product has modern ThinQ technology, allowing users to control the washing machine by voice via virtual assistant Alexa or Google Assistant on smart speakers or phones.

Not only that, you can also control the machine remotely via wifi on your phone, download the latest washing modes to expand features. Or even, the machine has the ability to self-diagnose errors and send notifications to the user, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time checking.

Advantages and disadvantages of LG Inverter 9kg FV1409S4M horizontal drum washing machine
The virtual assistant can be connected via wifi (Photo:

2. Disadvantages of LG Inverter 9kg FV1409S4M horizontal drum washing machine

Besides the above outstanding advantages LG washing machine FV1409S4M 9kg There are still a few limitations that may make you unhappy. So before deciding to buy a washing machine, try to consider it.

  • Doesn’t really save electricity

The average power consumption efficiency of the product is 20.5 Wh/kg. Although this is not the highest consumption among 9kg front-load washing machine models, it is still high compared to other models. For example, while the Samsung 9 kg WW90T634DLN/SV washing machine only consumes 13 Wh/kg (VND 9,590,000) or LG’s latest model, the LG AI DD Inverter 9 kg FB1209S6M, only consumes 12.21 Wh/kg (VND 7,500,000). ).

Therefore, if you are looking to buy a good energy-saving washing machine for your family, this may not be the right product.

  • Prevent baby laundry detergent

While many newly launched washing machine models have a built-in large laundry detergent compartment that only needs to be filled once and can be used for a whole month, the LG FV1409S4M’s detergent compartment is still small in size, creating a weakness. However, this is not necessarily a big drawback because adjusting the detergent each time is a habit of many people.

3. Price of LG 9kg front load washing machine FV1409S4M

LG FV1409S4M Inverter 9kg washing machine has an official listed price of 12.39 million VND. This is the average price range among 9kg front-load washing machines on the market today.

However, according to’s statistical data, currently many stores and agents are selling this model at a low price. from only 7.65 million VND (ie 5 million less than the listed price).

With the current price, it is clear that the LG FV1409S4M model is providing a pretty good choice for families of 3-5 members for daily laundry needs. With its compact size, even if your home space is tight, this washing machine model can still be compatible.

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