8 reasons why the Samsung Inverter 14 kg WA14CG5886BVSV washing machine is ‘worth the money’

If your family has 7 or more members, the Samsung Inverter 14 kg WA14CG5886BVSV washing machine is the first product that Websosanh.vn would like to recommend. Not only does it have a beautiful appearance, this model is also extremely modern, energy efficient and definitely should not be missed for the following 8 reasons.

1. Top 8 outstanding points of Samsung Inverter 14 kg washing machine WA14CG5886BVSV

Although this is not the latest or high-end washing machine model from Samsung, the product is a convergence of many important and attractive elements that any user would want in a washing machine.

1.1 The design is not outdated and has many smart improvements

Possesses a beautiful, modern monolithic black color Samsung Inverter washing machine 14 kg WA14CG5886BVSV quickly attracts the attention of consumers, especially families with small areas who need to optimize space. The control panel has a smart beveled design located behind the lid, making it easier to use, without worrying about water spilling onto the surface of the keys causing a short circuit. At the same time, the beveled design will be more convenient for the user’s eye level instead of having to bend 90 degrees to see.

Not only that, the washing machine lid is supplemented with an anti-collapse damper to help open and close gently, minimizing the risk of the lid collapsing and damaging your hand.

8 reasons why the Samsung Inverter 14 kg WA14CG5886BVSV washing machine is very
Samsung WA14CG5886BVSV washing machine (Photo: Online electronics warehouse)

1.2 Is the best energy-saving 14kg top-load washing machine

Compared to other 14kg top-load washing machines with electricity consumption ranging from 5.3 – 6.8 Wh/kg, Samsung washing machine WA14CG5886BVSV is the best power saving model, only costs approx 5.1 Wh/kg. So if your family has a large family, needs to do laundry regularly but wants to save electricity, this will be a choice worth considering.

1.3 Smooth operation, no noise, no vibration

Another plus point of this Samsung vertical drum washing machine product is its ability to operate super smoothly, without shaking, without creating noise that affects people around, especially in homes with narrow spaces. This is because it is simultaneously equipped with two high-end technologies: Direct drive motor and Digital Inverter technology.

Not only that, the product is also supplemented VRT Plus technology Effectively reduces vibration and noise by up to 30% compared to conventional washing machines. This is very necessary and worth considering when choosing to buy a washing machine, especially large-sized products.

8 reasons why the Samsung Inverter 14 kg WA14CG5886BVSV washing machine is very
Digital Inverter motor saves electricity and operates smoothly (Photo: Dien May Xanh)

1.4 Flexible laundry, suitable for the needs of many people

Equipped with a super large washing capacity of up to 14kg and has 10 different washing programs from delicate clothes, regular wash, quick wash, bed sheet wash,… to help meet all family needs. In particular, the product is also equipped with 2 additional specialized modes: Intensive Wash to help remove stubborn stains better or Deep Softener to preserve fragrance longer.

This large washing volume also allows Samsung WA14CG5886BVSV to wash both winter blankets, and large volumes of bed sheets and summer blankets… so it is also especially suitable for hotels and motels for their daily laundry needs. bedding.

1.5 High quality washing technology

Besides the ability to save electricity, operate smoothly and have beautiful design, washing technology is also an equally important factor when choosing to buy a washing machine. As one of the leading brands in technology, you can feel completely secure when using Samsung WA14CG5886BVSV. Although not a high-end line, the device is still equipped with up to 6 different technologies:

Dissolve detergent better with the Magic Dispenser detergent box

Compared to other models Samsung WA14CG5886BVSV top loading washing machine 14kg has a more special design thanks to being equipped with a Magic Dispenser laundry detergent compartment. This compartment has a rotating fan that helps create a strong vortex of water to dissolve detergent, eliminating residue on clothes.

8 reasons why the Samsung Inverter 14 kg WA14CG5886BVSV washing machine is very
Magic Dispenser laundry detergent box (Photo: MediaMart)

Reduce wrinkles and disinfect clothes up to 99.9% thanks to Hygiene Steam

Using steam at high temperature, Hygiene Steam technology will effectively remove bacteria up to 99.9%, while also helping to reduce wrinkles thanks to hot steam. This feature is essential for homes with children and people with sensitive skin.

8 reasons why the Samsung Inverter 14 kg WA14CG5886BVSV washing machine is very
Steam cleaning kills up to 99.9% of bacteria (Photo: Dien May Xanh)

Quick wash only 31 minutes for the entire cycle

If you need to wash clothes urgently for immediate use, the Speed ​​Spray washing mode on the 14kg Samsung WA14CG5886BVSV washing machine with a super-speed nozzle will help shorten washing time by 40%, while saving 20% ​​of water while still ensuring efficiency. clean. However, this feature is only suitable for small and lightly dirty items.

Increase cleaning ability with Intensive Wash technology

This mode can be used in conjunction with any washing process and helps the laundry water penetrate deeper than usual. From there, effectively remove stubborn stains.

8 reasons why the Samsung Inverter 14 kg WA14CG5886BVSV washing machine is very
Super Speed ​​washing mode (Photo: Dien May Xanh)

Cleans better, with less residue with Eco Bubble foaming technology

Eco Bubble technology in Samsung top-load washing machine WA14CG5886BVSV has the ability to dissolve detergent into super-fine foam, thereby increasing the speed and ability to penetrate deeper and faster, helping to clean better. Not only that, this technology when combined with Digital Inverter will help save electricity up to 60% and water up to 11%.

8 reasons why the Samsung Inverter 14 kg WA14CG5886BVSV washing machine is very
Ecobubble technology (Photo: Dien May Xanh)

Reminder notice to clean the washing drum

When the washing drum is dirty and needs to be cleaned Samsung WA14CG5886BVSV inverter washing machine will automatically notify the user. Thanks to that, the machine’s washing drum will always be clean and increase its lifespan.

1.6 Many automatic utilities, making use simpler

In addition to common utilities such as washing timer, child lock, washing drum cleaning, this 14kg top-load Samsung washing machine is also equipped with many other modern utilities such as: Remote control by smartphone, automatic restart When there is electricity, the Air Turbo clothes drying system.

1.7 Can be used even when the water is weak

Samsung WA14CG5886BVSV 14kg top-load washing machine can operate even when the water source has low pressure from 1m thanks to a special water supply valve, without the support of a booster pump.

1.8 Affordable price

Listed selling price of Samsung 14kg washing machine WA14CG5886BVSV is 12,390,000 VND. But currently, many stores sell this product for only 7,000,000 VND, which is quite a cheap price, especially for modern models. (price updated until June 4, 2024)

2. What do users say about the Samsung Inverter 14 kg washing machine WA14CG5886BVSV

Below are actual reviews from customers who have purchased and used it Samsung WA14CG5886BVSV vertical drum washing machine 14kg compiled by Websosanh.vn:

8 reasons why the Samsung Inverter 14 kg WA14CG5886BVSV washing machine is very
Review of Samsung 14 kg washing machine WA14CG5886BVSV (Photo: Dien may Xanh)
8 reasons why the Samsung Inverter 14 kg WA14CG5886BVSV washing machine is very
Review of Samsung WA14CG5886BVSV washing machine (Photo: Dien may Xanh)

Most consumers are satisfied with the quality and cleaning efficiency of Samsung WA14CG5886BVSV. The product received many positive reviews for its smoothness, low price and no problems during use. So if you are looking for a large washing machine for your family, you definitely shouldn’t miss it.

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