5 things to ‘keep in mind’ when buying school furniture

Not only does it need to ensure quality standards, school furniture should have colors and smart designs to help students focus and increase interest in learning.

When choosing a school, parents and students today are no longer too burdened with the issue of “public school”. Therefore, to attract students, in addition to perfecting the quality of training and teaching methods, the facilities, including school furniture This is an issue that the head of each school needs to pay attention to.

A professional learning environment with full teaching equipment and comfort for students also contributes to increasing the efficiency of knowledge acquisition and more effective learning. Therefore, when choosing school furniture, responsible people need to pay attention to the following issues.

1. School furniture needs to meet standards

The first important factor when choosing to buy school furniture is to create comfort for the user. Desks and chairs for students It needs to have a suitable size to create the most comfortable sitting position, without causing the child to have to lean too much or too low, causing a hunchback or scoliosis.

5 things needed "Carving mindset" when buying school furniture
Desks and chairs for students need to meet prescribed standards and be labeled (Photo: The One Furniture).

Quality standards for student desks and chairs (elementary school, middle school and high school) are specified in detail in
Joint Circular No. 26/2011/TTLT-BGDDT-BKHCN-BYT of the Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Science and Technology. And all types of desks and chairs for students need to be labeled according to the provisions of Decree No. 89/2006/ND-CP.

Therefore, when choosing a responsible person, you need to research carefully to avoid substandard school furniture, causing costly replacement.

2. School furniture needs to be specifically designed for needs

In addition to meeting prescribed quality standards, school furniture also needs to be specifically designed to serve the functions of different rooms:

  • The desks and chairs in the classroom need to be comfortable for writing, or place a laptop to help record the teacher’s lectures.
  • Physics and chemistry laboratory tables and chairsbiology… also need to be optimally designed to securely install practical equipment and support optimal safety experiments.
  • Tables and chairs in the library and other function rooms also need to be designed to best meet the needs of users.

In addition to desks and chairs, other school furniture includes writing boards, teacher desk and chairstorage cabinets, bookshelves, etc. also need to be optimally designed to best support teaching.

5 things needed "Carving mindset" when buying school furniture
It is necessary to choose the best quality school furniture products (Photo: The One Furniture).

3. Choosing school interior colors is also very important

Color is a factor that greatly affects students’ moods as well as their ability to concentrate and absorb knowledge. Therefore, when designing school interiors, you should use bright, cheerful colors to create a feeling of comfort for students.

In addition, depending on different ages, the use of color gamut should also be adjusted accordingly. While kindergarten or elementary school children can use fun, playful colors or patterns, middle and high school classrooms need to create a more professional space.

In addition to the color of the chair and furniture, the lighting system also needs to ensure sufficient intensity and not harm the eyes.

4. Design a comfortable and smart space

Besides choosing quality furniture, designing a comfortable space is very important. Classroom and laboratory space needs to be airy enough to allow easy movement of students and teachers.

In addition, with the majority of schools currently maintaining a boarding format, it is also necessary to consider the needs when students stay at school at noon. Tables and chairs therefore need to be easily folded so that students have a place to sleep or take a nap during the afternoon if the school does not have a dedicated boarding room.

5 things needed "Carving mindset" when buying school furniture
Invest in uniform school furniture to optimize efficiency (Photo: The One Furniture).

5. Choose a reputable school interior supplier, designer and constructor

To ensure quality standards and synchronize the entire school furniture system, school heads should choose a reputable school furniture supplier. With in-depth industry knowledge and experience, these units will help create a synchronous and professional system of school furniture.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of providing school furniture and having branches located in both the North and the South,
The One Furniture is one of the reputable school interior design, supply and construction units chosen by many schools.

The desks and chairs for students, teachers and other school furniture provided by The One Furniture not only meet the prescribed quality standards but also have smart designs and low prices to help schools. Learn to save investment costs.

With a team of experts with many years of experience in the profession, The One Furniture also provides consulting support to provide the most optimal and synchronous solutions, to help schools achieve quality facilities.

Therefore, if schools are in need of investing in new school furniture, they can contact The One Furniture to get the optimal solution:

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