5 reasons you should change your dog’s food

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Choosing the right food for your dog will help them develop to their maximum potential, so you can own the smartest, healthiest and most adorable dog.

For those who are taking care of their dogs, they will clearly understand that there are two main and popular types of dog food: fresh food and dry food. Both dry food and fresh food have their own advantages and disadvantages. But is maintaining and being loyal to one type of dog food throughout their lives the best way? Or changing dog food to better meet their needs is necessary. Let’s learn more about this issue in the article below!

1. The current type of dog food is not suitable for their digestive system

Some dogs with weak digestive systems, especially newly weaned puppies, are susceptible to allergies to certain foods. They often have indigestion, diarrhea or constipation. This will affect the process of absorbing nutrients into the body. At this time, you need to quickly stop the food you are using for your dog and change to a food more suitable for them.

2. Your dog’s nutritional needs change

At each stage, your dog will need to provide different nutrients to their body, so you need to base on their nutritional needs at each stage to choose the most suitable food to ensure adequate supply. the most nutrients for their optimal development. You should also learn about your dog’s basic nutritional needs at each stage to provide them with nutritional needs to avoid excess or deficiency, which are not good for their development.

Choose a nutritional regimen appropriate to your dog's age
Choose a nutritional regimen appropriate to your dog’s age

3. Your dog’s taste changes

Using the same type of dog food every day will make them feel very bored and not stimulate their taste buds, causing them to lose their appetite and skip meals. Therefore, changing their food every day is also a way to help them eat better. The digestive system also works better from there. For dry foods, you should also buy small bags to avoid feeding them the same type for too long.

4. A variety of flavors makes them more delicious

Taste is always something that stimulates dogs, choose foods with attractive flavors to make them more excited about each meal. However, if they always eat the same type, it will make them bored, so changing the variety of dog food with many attractive flavors will make them much more stimulated.

Taste is always something that excites dogs
Taste is always something that excites dogs

5. When your dog shows some of the following symptoms

Besides some of the issues just mentioned above that are reasons you should change your dog’s food, there are some symptoms below that you should also pay attention to to know when you need to change your dog’s food.

Pay attention to some signs to change the appropriate food for your dog
Pay attention to some signs to change the appropriate food for your dog

– Notice that your dog’s hair is dull and thinning. This is a sign that your dog is lacking some essential nutrients such as fatty acids and Omega 3-6.

– The dog appears slow and not agile. At this time, you need to supplement the dog with antioxidant nutrients and need to change the nutritional regimen to be more suitable.

– Hesitation to exercise in some old dogs. At this time, they need to reduce calorie content, increase fiber and add some nutrients that are good for bones and joints. Maybe the current food does not meet this requirement.

– Realizing that your dog has a rather large belly, you need to reduce the amount of calories provided and have a more suitable diet for them.

– Symptoms of GI disorders include chronic flatulence, loose stools or a rumbling stomach due to intolerance to the current food. You need to find out other foods that are more suitable for your condition. good dog.

– Frequent itching and scratching, this symptom has many causes including dermatitis, mites, etc. However, part of it may be due to the inappropriate food being used.

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