5 reasons why the LG 13 kg Inverter FV1413S4W washing machine is always popular

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Launched in 2023, up to now the LG 13 kg Inverter FV1413S4W washing machine has always been on the list of front-load washing machine models chosen by many buyers. Let’s find out the advantages that make this model so popular.

1. 5 reasons why the LG 13 kg Inverter FV1413S4W washing machine is popular

The LG washing machine brand is always favored by users because of its quality, durability, and model LG FV1413S4W 13kg front loading washing machine It is also integrated with impressive equipment to optimize CLEAN – QUICK – SMOOTH washing efficiency for consumers. Below are 5 reasons why the product is always in the top selling washing machines of stores even though it has been launched for 1 year.

1.1 Elegant, user-friendly design

Possessing a beautiful, elegant, and timeless monolithic white exterior design, the LG 13 kg Inverter FV1413S4W washing machine can be compatible with many different spaces or interior decoration styles. The outer shell is made of powder-coated metal material combined with a sturdy, sturdy tempered glass lid to help the machine operate smoothly, with little vibration during use or even when spinning at high speed of 1400 revolutions/hour. minute.

The machine is controlled by knobs and buttons, combined with an intuitive LED display screen with English and Vietnamese bilingual support, so it is suitable for use by many different audiences. Designing a larger washing drum while maintaining the same machine size helps wash more clothes without taking up installation space.

5 reasons why the LG 13 kg Inverter FV1413S4W washing machine is always popular
Larger capacity but washing machine size remains unchanged (Photo: lg.com)

1.2 Ability to wash a lot and clean

With a washing capacity of 13kg and 14 different washing programs available, the LG FV1413S4W front-load washing machine is suitable to meet the washing needs of large families of 7 or more members or for use at laundry businesses. small and medium size ironing.

Besides, this LG 13kg washing machine also has many different programs from children’s clothes to adult clothes, from thin clothes to thick blankets, etc. Especially, there is a very good anti-allergy and children’s clothes washing program. Suitable for families with small children or people with sensitive skin, helping to better protect the health of family members.

1.3 Smooth and durable operation

The special point makes LG washing machine FV1413S4W The difference from other washing machines on the market is that they are equipped at the same time direct drive motor Helps reduce vibration and minimize noise during the washing process. Not only that, the product also uses Inverter technology Helps control machine operations to reduce noise and save significant electricity.

In particular, this LG Inverter 13kg washing machine is also certified 5 star energy label with electricity consumption efficiency of only 24.52 Wh/kg. Although compared to many other models with the same washing volume, this consumption is still relatively high, but it is still at an acceptable level within the price range so users can still feel secure when choosing.

1.4 Diverse and smart washing technology helps save washing effort

Besides the above advantages, the LG Inverter 13 kg FV1413S4W washing machine is also equipped with advanced and modern technologies to help make the consumer experience better.

  • AI DD smart analysis technology protects fabrics 18% better

Combining the DD direct drive motor and smart AI artificial intelligence allows the washing machine to recognize the volume and fabric material to automatically adjust the most appropriate and optimal washing program. Thanks to that, clothes are not only cleaned better and last up to 18% longer, but also save adjustment time.

5 reasons why the LG 13 kg Inverter FV1413S4W washing machine is always popular
AI DD technology (Photo: Dien May Xanh)
  • TurboWash quick washing technology saves time for busy people

LG washing machine 13kg FV1413S4W Equipped with a high-pressure water jet system with a fast flow speed, it helps detergents easily penetrate deeper into clothes, removing stubborn stains quickly and more effectively. At the same time, it saves a lot of washing time for users.

5 reasons why the LG 13 kg Inverter FV1413S4W washing machine is always popular
TurboWash technology for quick washing (Photo: Dien May Xanh)
  • Steam cleaning Steam removes 99.9% of bacteria on clothes

For families with small children, this is an indispensable feature. The machine completely boils the clean water inside the pipe to convert it into steam. By evaporation or misting, this heat will penetrate deeply into each fabric fiber, helping to soften stains for better washing, while also eliminating bacteria thanks to high temperature and reducing wrinkles after each wash.

1.5 Diverse convenient features for consumers

Using your washing machine will be shortened and you can monitor the washing process anytime, anywhere through the application. LG ThinQ on smartphones. Not only that, users can now detect errors and fix problems quickly thanks to the smart self-diagnosis utility. Smart Diagnosis.

Besides, there are other common and equally important utilities that help increase the user experience: Timer, Child Lock or Adding clothes while washing.

2. Actual customer feedback about LG 13 kg Inverter FV1413S4W washing machine

Because LG Inverter washing machine 13 kg FV1413S4W produced in 2023 with many washing technologies but with a cheap price of less than 10 million VND, this makes many consumers skeptical about the true quality of the product. Understanding that, Websosanh.vn has compiled actual feedback from customers who have purchased and used washing machines to give you a more honest view.

5 reasons why the LG 13 kg Inverter FV1413S4W washing machine is always popular
Review of LG 13 kg Inverter FV1413S4W washing machine (Photo: Dien May Xanh)
5 reasons why the LG 13 kg Inverter FV1413S4W washing machine is always popular
Review of LG AI DD 13 kg Inverter FV1413S4Wa washing machine (Photo: Dien may Xanh)

It can be seen that the majority of LG FV1413S4W washing machine buyers expressed satisfaction with the cleanliness, smoothness of operation as well as the electricity saving ability of this 13 kg front-load washing machine model. With a genuine warranty period of 2 years for the whole machine and 10 years for the engine, users can be completely assured when choosing to buy.

3. Current selling price of LG 13 kg Inverter FV1413S4W washing machine

  • List price of LG 13kg FV1413S4W washing machine: VND 17,490,0000
  • Current selling price of LG 13kg washing machine FV1413S4W: 9,500,000 VND (Websosanh.vn statistics as of May 7, 2024)

It can be seen that, compared to the listed price, the selling price of the LG FV1413S4W washing machine has now decreased by nearly ten million VND and is on the list of top cheap 13kg front-load washing machines today.

5 reasons why the LG 13 kg Inverter FV1413S4W washing machine is always popular
LG Inverter 13 kg washing machine FV1413S4W (Photo: Dien may Xanh)

Along with a series of premium features and positive reviews from those who have used it, it’s for sure LG AI DD 13 kg Inverter washing machine FV1413S4W will make customers satisfied when choosing to buy for the laundry needs of a large family or even a laundry business.

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