5 questions from users about Enfamama pregnancy milk

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Enfamama Pregnancy Milk is a product created and developed specifically for pregnant women with many uses such as nutritional supplement, digestive support,… The following article will provide you with important information about the product. Origin, safe dosage and actual reviews of pregnant mothers who have used it.

1. Enfamama pregnant milk several times a day

Enfamama pregnant milk or its full name is Enfamama A+ pregnancy milk, a product that is very popular and popular among pregnant mothers in Vietnam. The product not only brings many benefits to mothers’ health, but also supports children’s health and brain development with the following main uses:

  • Helps the fetus’s brain develop comprehensively
  • Supplement more nutrients for the child and less for the mother. This helps the fetus develop optimally and gain healthy weight. In addition, pregnant mothers also limit the risk of gestational diabetes or uncontrolled weight gain
  • Increase calcium for both fetus and pregnant mother
  • Supports the mother’s digestive system to stay healthy, avoiding constipation or digestive disorders
  • Helps reduce symptoms of morning sickness to make pregnant women more comfortable during pregnancy
5 questions from users about Enfamama pregnancy milk
Enfamama pregnant milk box 400g (Photo: Kids Plaza)

Although drinking Enfamama milk during pregnancy is very good, mothers should not use too much or abuse drinking milk to replace main meals. To answer the question Enfamama pregnant milk should be taken several times a day The best advice from experts is that pregnant mothers should supplement words every day 2-3 cups of Enfamama milk 230ml is reasonable. It helps ensure enough nutrients for both mother and baby, without causing overweight, obesity or gestational diabetes.

A reasonable dosage to make a 230ml glass of Enfamama milk will include 6 scoops of milk powder, equivalent to about 50g of powdered milk, mixed with about 200ml of warm water.

2. Origin of Enfamama pregnant milk

Enfamama A+ pregnant milk from America is a product manufactured by Mead Johnson Nutrition Company (MJN), established in 1905, so mothers can be completely assured about the quality and safety of the product. This is the world’s leading global company specializing in nutrition for infants, children and pregnant women. Up to now, the group has owned over 70 different nutritional product lines, commonly used in more than 50 countries worldwide.

In particular, the product line Enfamama milk for pregnant womenWith an ingredient list of 39 different nutrients, it is recommended by nutritionists and doctors. Currently, the product has two main flavors: vanilla and chocolate, helping to diversify the tastes of mothers.

5 questions from users about Enfamama pregnancy milk
Enfamama A+ pregnant milk with vanilla and chocolate flavors (Photo: Websosanh.vn)

3. When can pregnant mothers drink Enfamama pregnancy milk?

Depending on the different times, the effects of drinking pregnant milk will have different effects for both pregnant mothers and children. Below are the 3 most important times that mothers should add Enfamama milk to their daily nutritional menu.

3.1 Drink Enfamama A+ pregnancy milk before getting pregnant

Drinking pregnant milk before pregnancy sounds very strange but has many positive meanings, helping to maximize the risk of neural tube defects for the fetus thanks to providing lots of folic acid. Not only that, drinking pregnant milk before pregnancy also helps women increase their resistance to be ready to become mothers.

The best time to drink pregnant milk before pregnancy is 2-3 months.

3.2 Drink Enfamama A+ pregnant milk during pregnancy

If you did not have time to supplement pre-pregnancy milk before pregnancy or have already supplemented pre-pregnancy milk, during this pregnancy period, mothers should still continue to use it regularly. Especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy, when mothers often experience weight loss, lack of vitality, poor resistance, and are susceptible to minor illnesses,… Therefore, supplementing Enfamama pregnant milk During this period, it is very necessary to compensate for nutrients for both mother and fetus, to avoid malnutrition of the fetus due to insufficient nutrients.

Not only that, the first 3 months is also the time when the fetus begins to develop and perfect its organs. Nutritional supplementation before and during pregnancy will ensure adequate nutrition for the baby to develop healthily and comprehensively.

3.3 Drink Enfamama pregnant milk after giving birth

Not only before and during pregnancy, the postpartum and breastfeeding periods are also extremely important, so mothers should drink more breast milk. The benefits of drinking milk during this time will help mothers quickly recover postpartum health, reduce stress and fatigue, and improve the quality of milk supply when breastfeeding.

4. The best time to drink Enfamama pregnant milk during the day and precautions to avoid

According to recommendations, morning and evening are the two best times that mothers should drink Enfamama milk during the day, because nutrients will be optimally absorbed at this time.

However, mothers should not drink milk on an empty stomach or without eating because it can cause indigestion and an overloaded stomach, leading to difficulty absorbing nutrients. You should drink milk 1-2 hours after breakfast for the best results. In addition, mothers can also drink before going to bed to help the fetus absorb nutrients well and at the same time help sleep better. If you drink 3-4 servings of milk a day, you can supplement it in the late afternoon or after lunch.

5 questions from users about Enfamama pregnancy milk
You should drink pregnant milk in the morning and evening every day (Photo: AVAKids)

5. How do consumers evaluate Enfamama pregnancy milk?

Enfamama for pregnant women is not only highly appreciated by doctors and nutritionists for its safety, ability to supplement nutrition and delicious taste. The product is also very popular with pregnant mothers. Below are reviews from pregnant mothers who have used Enfamama milk that users can refer to:

5 questions from users about Enfamama pregnancy milk
Customer comments about Enfamama pregnancy milk (Photo: Shopee)

5 questions from users about Enfamama pregnancy milk
Review of Enfamama pregnant milk (Photo: Lazada)

In general, pregnant mothers are satisfied with the taste and effects that Enfamama milk brings. In particular, most mothers love the taste of chocolate because it is easy to drink, not boring and fragrant.

Above are detailed answers to help answer 5 frequently asked questions about Enfamama A+ pregnant milk of many mothers today. Hopefully the above shares have helped you gain more information about this product and can confidently use it.

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