5 famous dry dog ​​food brands that are most trusted today

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Dry dog ​​food is a type of food that many dog ​​owners choose to use daily for their dogs. So what are the reputable quality dry food brands that many people trust? If you want to know, let’s find out details in the article below!

When it comes to dry dog ​​food, most pet dog owners are quite familiar with it. This type of food not only brings convenience to pet dog owners, but dry dog ​​food also provides all the necessary nutrients for each dog breed or is suitable for each stage of their dogs’ maturity. dog. Ensuring that dogs can grow healthily, quickly and hyperactively.

To help you have more information and make the right choice for your dog, we will soon introduce to you the most reputable and quality dry dog ​​food brands that are trusted by many people today. now.

1. Royal Canin dry dog ​​food

A famous French dry dog ​​food line. Products with a variety of types are suitable for use with many breeds of dogs of different sizes and are suitable for many ages of maturity from 1 month old to adulthood. Royal Canin dry dog ​​food is assessed to ensure the quality and nutritional content necessary for the development of dogs. With more than 50 years of development, Royal Canin is now known and loved in many countries around the world such as Europe, America, Asia, including Vietnam.

Royal Canin dog food
Royal Canin dog food

2. Smartheart dry dog ​​food

Smartheart is a brand from Thailand that is certified for quality and safety to ensure the best development of hardy dogs. Smartheart dry dog ​​food is classified for adult dogs and small dogs to ensure the most suitable nutritional needs for each stage of the dog’s development.

The product provides high energy source and high protein content of up to 30% to help dogs develop maximum muscles and bones. Providing adequate nutritional ingredients for them to develop comprehensive muscles, create more muscle, increase resistance, strengthen the immune system and help make hair shiny.

SmartHeart food provides enough nutrition for dogs to grow healthily
SmartHeart food provides enough nutrition for dogs to grow healthily

3. Pedigree dry dog ​​food

Pedigree dry dog ​​food comes from the US, with more than 60 years on the market. Thanks to the quality and reputation it brings to consumers, the product is popular with pet owners in many countries around the world.

Pedigree dry dog ​​food comes in a variety of flavors such as: Liver and chicken; taste of salted pork sticks; smoked beef stick flavor; smoked beef flavor; grilled liver taste; Chicken and vegetable flavor… helps dogs eat deliciously and grow healthily. The ingredients used are thoroughly tested to ensure safety and freshness, providing high-value nutrition for your dog.

You should buy Pedigree food at reputable stores
You should buy Pedigree food at reputable stores

4. Classic Pets dry dog ​​food

Classic Pets is a famous dog food brand from Thailand. Classic Pets dog food is not only optimized in terms of quality, ingredients, and nutritional ingredients, but also has a delicious taste and extremely stimulates the taste buds of dogs.

This type of food is considered suitable for large breed dogs such as: Bulldogs, French bulls (bullies), pitbulls, Tibetan mastiffs, goldens, dogs in the reproductive period that need a lot of nutrients. . The flavors of Classic Pets food are also very diverse and rich such as: beef flavor, milk flavor, grilled beef flavor, grilled liver flavor…

5. Ganador dry dog ​​food

Ganador dog food is a brand originating from France. Previously, Ganador dog food in Vietnam was imported directly from France. But now this brand has a factory in Vietnam, so finding and buying Ganador dog food in Vietnam is extremely easy. With a reputation of more than 60 years in the market, the name Ganador is very familiar to pet owners.

Currently, Ganador dry dog ​​food is known for two main types: Ganador Puppy for puppies 3-4 months old and older and Ganador Adult for adult dogs 10 months or older.

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