5 best dry dog ​​food brands today

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Dry dog ​​food is considered a convenient product and suitable for the needs of today’s bosses. The product is chosen by most pet-raising families. Take a look at the best dry dog ​​food brands introduced in the article below.

There is a worrying reality in the dry dog ​​food market in our country: quality and non-quality dry dog ​​food are sold mixed together, making it really difficult for dogs to choose. The superior solution to buy quality and safe dry dog ​​food is to choose high-end, reputable and famous dog food brands. You should not buy dry food products that are cheap and do not have a clear brand or origin, which can harm the health of your dogs.

Below is a type of dry food from reputable brands voted by consumers and recommended for dog owners:

Royal Canin brand dry dog ​​food

As the world’s most famous dry pet food brand, Royal Canin researches and produces many types of dry food for different dog breeds. The nutritional content and food volume of each dog breed are given very detailed and clear instructions by the manufacturer, so dogs can feel completely secure in using it for their bosses. Royal Canin dry dog ​​food prices range from 250,000 to 800,000 VND.

Royal Canin brand dry dog ​​food
Royal Canin brand dry dog ​​food

Branded dry dog ​​food Nutri Source

This is a premium American dry dog ​​food brand. Nutri Source products are trusted by many pet owners in Vietnam because of their quality and safety. Nutri Source’s dry food products are also suitable for many dog ​​breeds of different ages and weights.

Nutri Source brand dry dog ​​food
Nutri Source brand dry dog ​​food

Branded dry dog ​​food EnFresh

If you are wondering, don’t know What kind of dry dog ​​food is good? At least EnFresh is the perfect suggestion. This is a high-end dry dog ​​and cat food brand originating from Korea. With a reasonable price of about 350,000 VND/5kg package, EnFresh dry dog ​​food is very popular in our country.

EnFresh brand dry dog ​​food
EnFresh brand dry dog ​​food

Branded dry dog ​​food Iskhan

This is also a dry pet food brand from the land of kimchi – Korea. Iskhan products are currently present in many countries around the world, including Vietnam. In particular, Iskhan has a very good line of dry food for mother dogs and puppies. The reference selling price of Iskhan dry food ranges from 230,000 to 250,000 VND/1.2kg package.

Smartheart Puppy: Smartheart is a cheap but high-quality pet food brand. Smartheart products are all manufactured directly in Thailand. Smartheart 1kg dry food package has a reference price of 100,000 VND; 3kg bag is 200,000 VND.

Iskhan brand dry dog ​​food
Iskhan brand dry dog ​​food

A few notes when feeding your dog dry food

Good dry dog ​​food is indisputable. But no product is absolutely perfect, so dry food still has some disadvantages that owners need to keep in mind when feeding their dogs, such as:

– The water and fiber content in dry food is low, so dogs need to supplement water and fiber in their daily diet. Eating dry food regularly and continuously without supplementing water and fiber can cause dogs to become constipated and suffer from kidney disease.

– Occasionally you should cook fresh food such as meat, fish, especially green vegetables for dog bosses. This not only helps change the taste but also helps add more fiber and vitamins to the dog bosses.

– Using dry food for a long time can make dogs not want to eat other foods.

Dogs should be given more water to drink after eating dry food

* Above is information about dry dog ​​food and which type of dry dog ​​food is best. Once you have chosen the right dry food for your dog, you need to feed your dog the correct amount of food stated on the package to avoid obesity and overweight.

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