3 ‘hot hit’ mini folding washing machines on the market in 2024

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Not only are they capable of effective washing, mini folding washing machines also offer a smart design that helps users carry them anywhere very conveniently.

1. Is a mini folding washing machine good?

Folding mini washing machine is a washing machine with a washing capacity of 0.5 – 1kg and a structure that can be folded after use. You can observe the structure of a mini folding washing machine in the picture below.

3 mini folding washing machines "hot hits" on the market in 2024
Structure of a mini folding washing machine before and after folding (Photo: Bear).

Although there is an automatic water drainage mechanism in each washing/rinsing/spinning cycle, the water supply is manual so it is still a bit inconvenient to use. With a washing structure similar to a top-loading washing machine, the cleaning efficiency of the mini folding washing machine is quite good. Some compact folding mini washing machines are also equipped with a disinfection function.

However, due to the low washing volume, it is only suitable for washing 1-2 sets of adult clothes, children’s clothes, underwear, makeup cotton… Especially for those who often travel.

2. TOP quality mini folding washing machines worth buying today

2.1. Xiaomi Moyu XPB08-F2 mini folding washing machine

Reference price: 1,690,000 VND

3 mini folding washing machines "hot hits" on the market in 2024
Xiaomi Moyu XPB08-F2 mini folding washing machine is popular with many people (Photo: Xiaomi).

Xiaomi Mouy XPB08-F2 is one of the series Folding mini washing machine good quality today’s top. Impressing with its ability to clean and sterilize with UV rays, its beautiful and smart design also makes many people love this Xiaomi mini washing machine.

With a compact appearance and weight of only 2.8 kg, it is made of good impact-resistant ABS plastic and many outstanding features that are worth buying. The compact folding mini washing machine XPB08-F2 is also suitable for the needs of washing clothes for infants, young children, and renters with limited space who cannot install a large washing machine.

In addition, Xiaomi mini washing machine folds XPB08-F2 also possesses a series of outstanding features such as:

  • The washing machine has 3 different washing modes: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes for users to choose according to their needs.
  • Easy to use with a simple control panel structure that is easy to use so even the elderly can use it.
  • Equipped with UV light to help kill bacteria, ensuring safety for children’s and infants’ clothes against allergens.
  • Xiaomi Youpin Moyu mini washing machine needs to be filled with water for the machine to operate. Users can choose 60-degree warm water to wash clothes to clean and help kill bacteria. After completing a wash, the water needs to be changed for the machine to continue operating.
  • The machine is designed with a small drainage pipe so drainage is quite easy.
  • After washing, the machine will also beep and flash just like a regular washing machine.
  • The amount of clothes the Xiaomi Moyu XPB08-F2 washing machine can wash is 0.8k, equivalent to 1 set of adult shorts, 2 sets of children’s clothes, 8 pairs of socks and 6 sets of underwear.

2.2. Mini folding washing machine BEAR XYJ-B05E5

Reference price: 1,958,000 VND

3 mini folding washing machines "hot hits" on the market in 2024
BEAR XYJ-B05E5 mini folding washing machine with many outstanding advantages (Photo: Bear).

The BEAR XYJ-B05E5 mini folding washing machine with 8.5L capacity is an upgraded version of the 4.5L washing machine using new technology to create ozone and silver ion waves to effectively kill bacteria on clothes. Above all, the product also uses a powerful pure copper wire motor combined with a 3-way high-frequency scrubbing pulsator to help keep clothes cleaner and softer.

In addition, the product also has many attractive features that are highly appreciated by many consumers.

  • The washing machine has a compact design, weight 2.4kg, made of silicon material, easy to fold to save storage space and suitable for travel.
  • The machine applies Blue Ag antibacterial technology (UV rays combined with silver molecules) to replace the use of hot water.
  • The suction foot operates smoothly, does not vibrate or cause much instability when washing.
  • BEAR XYJ-B05E5 mini washing machine is integrated with automatic washing and rinsing, no need to manually pour water. This feature is very useful for users who have busy schedules.
  • The machine’s design also makes it easy to clean the washing machine regularly, increasing the lifespan of the product.

2.3. DAEWOO mini folding washing machine

Reference price: 1,850,000 VND

3 mini folding washing machines "hot hits" on the market in 2024
DAEWOO mini folding washing machine with many modern features (Photo: Daewoo).

With a price of nearly 2 million VND, the DAEWOO mini folding washing machine is also worth choosing. This product line also possesses many outstanding features:

  • DAEWOO folding washing machine is equipped with warm washing technology and automatic heating up to 40 degrees Celsius to help remove stains on clothes more quickly. Users do not need to pour hot water during the washing process.
  • DAEWOO uses a reversible vibration system that rotates gently so clothes will not be strongly impacted. Even when washing thin clothes, there is no phenomenon of fraying or tearing.
  • 40W pure copper motor operates strong and durable.
  • Not only does it have a washing feature, it also has the ability to disinfect with Ozone combined with silver ion antibacterial feature.
  • Portable design with foldable body for convenient storage. 6L capacity can wash loads of clothes such as: 2 adult T-shirts, 5 pairs of socks, 4 sets of underwear or 6 children’s pants or shirts.
  • Washing time with 3 levels is 5 minutes. 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Depending on the dirtiness and material of the clothes to be washed, users choose accordingly.
  • The mini folding washing machine is easy to operate with a simple button. At the same time, the machine is also very easy to clean.

Above are 3 suggestions for mini folding washing machines worth buying in the current market. We hope that users have received useful information for reference before deciding to buy the optimal laundry equipment for their special needs.

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