10 types of cat food that should be eaten regularly

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You have a lovely cat at home and you want to find out what foods are good to feed your cat regularly. So please see the article below.

If you don’t know how to choose cat food, please refer to the 10 types of food cats should eat regularly in the article below!

Cats should eat livestock and poultry

Cat food needs to have protein content. Therefore, the abundant protein found in livestock and poultry meat will help cats’ eyes, reproductive system and cardiovascular system stay healthy. On average, every 1kg of cat weight will be equivalent to providing 20g of meat.

Cats should eat eggs

Using chicken eggs, duck eggs, and quail eggs for cat food will contain a lot of important fats, vitamins, and minerals to help increase the cat’s resistance and health. You should only feed your cat a maximum of 1 egg per day.

Fish dish for cats

Most people choose fish for cat food because this is cats’ favorite food. Studies have shown that omega-3 in fish is good for health, especially for cats’ eyes.

Fish dishes are loved by the bream

Cats should eat shrimp

Choosing shrimp as cat food will be a source of protein but very low in calories. This food helps cats gain weight and develop maximally without worrying about obesity. However, you should not feed your cat a lot of shrimp shells because it contains benzoic acid, which is harmful to your cat’s health.

Feed your cat cheese and dairy products

The addition of yogurt and cheese foods to the daily diet is still controversial. However, if your cat has no problems eating cheese or dairy products, you can feed them the appropriate dosage.

Feed your cat oatmeal

Not only rich in energy, oats also have lots of zinc, iron, vitamins and magnesium to help cats stay healthy enough to run, jump and play all day.

Fish oil: Fish oil is very effective in keeping cats’ skin from becoming dry and rough and their fur always soft and smooth. If you are too busy, instead of cooking fresh fish for your cat, you can also buy fish oil and give your cat 1 pill every 3 days.

Feed your cat fruits and vegetables

This is a food you should not ignore if you want your cat’s digestive system to function smoothly. You should cut vegetables into small pieces and then mix them with meat to feed your cat because they are very lazy to eat vegetables.

You should supplement vegetables and fruits if you want your cat’s digestive system to work smoothly

Feed your cat fresh fruit

Like vegetables and fruits, cats do not like fresh fruits. But you should still supplement them because fruits are rich in vitamin C, which helps increase your cat’s health effectively. You should feed your cat a lot of red fruits such as watermelon, plum, dragon fruit…

Choose canned cat food

If you are too busy and don’t have time to prepare food, you can absolutely buy canned food or ready-made food that contains all the nutrients your cat needs. Currently, some reputable cat food brands are widely chosen such as: Minino cat food, Anf cat food, Royal Canin cat food. However, you need to choose a reputable purchasing address to buy food that is both quality and safe for your cat.

Minino canned cat food

Note: Except for canned and ready-to-eat cat food, you need to cook raw foods before feeding them to your cat. Cats should not be fed raw food as it can spread many dangerous diseases.

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